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YingHua Volunteers

YingHua's success depends on volunteers' efforts. Please look through the following opportunities and contact us if you have any questions.

"Yinghua in Beijing" Summer Volunteer Counselors

Summer and Cultural Immersion Project

"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Language Institute is designed for American youth (ages 8 through 18) to study Chinese (Mandarin) in Beijing for four to five weeks from early July to early August. As a fluent bilingual counselor, your job will be to help organize students in various activities and to encourage them to use Chinese in daily conversations. At the same time, you will learn about Chinese language and culture from Chinese colleagues, if needed.

Counselor's Role

Volunteers are expected to lead and organize groups of 6-8 students of mixed ages going through regular daily routine on campus as well as during field trips. The students' Chinese proficiency levels vary. You will be encouraged to speak Chinese with your students. Your will need creativity, patience, and diligence. In addition to leading groups of students and encouraging them to use Chinese, you will have opportunities to learn and improve your Chinese (if needed) and to learn traditional Chinese martial arts, tai chi, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese dancing, and even karaoke. Please come ready to share your interests and talents in sports, music, drama, and art with your students in your activity groups.

Some counselors may be responsible for the daily online journal, taking photos, and uploading photos.

The Job

  • 6 days per week, with one day off each week, when you may leave campus in small groups or continue to work on campus. (The off-day may be taken as two half days. Specific dates may depend on other counselors' schedule.)
  • Workload: full day involvement from morning exercises to evening activities, average 6-8 students/group
  • Activities outside of classrooms are organized by counselors. No specific plan is required, though daily routine will be provided.

Payment Conditions

  • Free meals, housing, and airport pick-up service.
  • Free field trips with students around local historic or scenic spots and museums.
  • Pocket money of 1,000 RMB given towards the end of the summer session.

Placements, Housing, and Food:

Counselors will begin the program with orientation upon arrival in Beijing. Counselors will live in a dormitory with students on the school campus sharing rooms with other counselors (double occupancy) during the summer session.

Meals will be provided by schools and organizers at no charge, but variety and quality cannot compare with those provided at restaurants during field trips. On some occasions, counselors may eat in small groups at local restaurants near the campus.

Chinese food is rich in variety. Rice is the staple dish, and noodles are also popular. Meats, fish, eggs, tofu, and vegetables are cooked in many different ways, and fresh fruit is plentiful.

Length of Program: Four weeks (starting in early July)

Note: On odd-numbered years, there may be a five-week program with one additional week at the end for traveling to selected destinations. Click here for specific starting date for the upcoming program. Please contact us before confirming your flight

Please send an email to principal@yinghua.org if you could help. Thank you!

YingHua Tutor/Studying Buddy Volunteers

On-Site Tutoring

We need students (ages 12 and up) studying in higher grades volunteering their time helping students studying in lower grades. The meeting time in general will be from 1:00 to 2:20 p.m. in Room 205.

We have specific instructions and guidelines on how to help students studying.

Please send an email to principal@yinghua.org if you could help. Thank you!

Student Volunteers

General Assistance

We need high-school students to be on-duty on school days in the office (Room 200) handing ad-hoc tasks. Students may bring books to school to read but need to be punctual and responsible. Tasks may include video-recording classroom activities, escorting students to-and-from classrooms, etc.

Please send an email to principal@yinghua.org if you could help. Thank you!

Parent Volunteers

Marketing Team

We need more people to join the team developing a marketing/promotional package and working on other ongoing tasks. Time commitment is about 5-20 hours per year.

We need help in distributing school's educational materials periodically to Asian Supermarkets and other public locations. Time commitment is about 5-20 hours per year.

Fundraising Team

We need more people to join the team developing plans and strategies in grant application, fund-raising, etc. Time commitment is about 5-50 hours per year.

Please send an email to principal@yinghua.org if you could help. Thank you!