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Miracle 05.Mar.2014 10:47:19
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Julia 06.Oct.2013 10:39:18
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Aguss 05.Oct.2013 22:52:35
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Naurto 04.Oct.2013 20:48:50
Thanks for this. I'm having a <a href="http://yslyptk.com">prlbeom</a> though that if someone tries to log in and fail page security, if they press ok and log in with a user who passes page security Apex tries to take them to page 1 (ignoring my settings of page 2). Do you know how to stop this. Thanks
Abhay 03.Oct.2013 03:38:34
I was VERY happy to find this - I agree this should eihetr be made MUCH simpler to do by ApEx, or, even better, be a user choice when creating an application.I have one question, though: I did all three changes, and it works fine. What does NOT work is, if I export the app, and import it with a different ID as run-only (for deployment.) In that case, the logout process STILL uses :app_id:1 (and not :10 like I changed it to.)Any ideas?(Thanks still for a clear explanation!)