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YingHua Chinese Education Library Rules

(2:40 to 3:10 p.m. Parent's Room)

The library's mission is to enhance our students' Chinese education by increasing their exposures to Chinese language and providing educational reference materials to their parents.
  1. Each YingHua family can borrow up to three VCDs or two books each time.
  2. VCDs are due in one week and books two weeks.
  3. Please checkout EVERY borrowed item on the checkout sheet.
  4. Please return the borrowed items on time. For late-returned items, the fine is one dollar per item per week.
  5. Please do everything you could to take good care of the borrowed items since most of them are hard to replace. For lost or damaged items, the fine should cover the EFFORT and cost for getting their replacements, which should be determined by the administration. In the event that no replacement is available, the fine should also be determined by the administration.
  6. The administration has the right to refuse lending any items to borrowers with unpaid fine balance or have repeatedly lost or damaged borrowed items.

Thank you for your cooperation!
YingHua Language School Administration