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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Rachel on 0000-00-00

Hey! Carl! Sorry for the long wait! I just finished taking my final term tests, and now I'm finally out of school! I warn you, when we take the final terms next year, prepare to be bored silly on the English test!
You say you're obnoxious and annoying. Well, Bonnie once said in a journal entry that you have to ask why always. Why do you behave in a way that you know? Since you admit it, and you know where your problem is, then you can change yourself.
I just saw one of your earlier postings. You said China has always appeared to me more comfortable than New Jersey. Everyday has the same schedule. It's all very boring and I despise the students in my school. I even think that they are worse than those Chinese people. I've never gotten into a fight and probably never will. I will probably just ignore and misunderstand those Chinese kids.
This made my mom and me laugh. No offence, but you are either doing this on purpose, or you are very naive. More comfortable sleeping with 5 other boys? More comfortable showering together? Less boring when we stay in school all day and all night? Less boring when we have at least 2 or 3 Math, Chinese and English classes everyday? Again, no offence--but you kind of need a reality check.
I came from a not so good school too, and I think that the Chinese kids in my class are probably better then them. However, you don't want to have that attitude with them. Don't think or pretend that you are better then them, because they won't like you for it. Another thing, can you really ignore Chinese kids that you dorm with, that you're with for the whole day? As for misunderstanding, that can happen, but you need to think, and act as if you're the same as them. If you take advantage of the teachers or the kids, they won't like you--that is a fact. Another thing, the Chinese kids won't make fun of you unless you give them a reason to.
About weekends, we go out every other week, and we go out on Saturdays for the whole day, and when we come back we get to rest. When we don't go out we stay in school and have two periods of self study time (to do our homework) each day. Yes, we do have homework on the weekends, and not a little, either.
Well, I've got to go, and sorry for the long wait for my reply.
Best, Rachel

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