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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-07-12

Dear Parents,

Today we moved to our new hotel. Although Bonnie had asked the kids again and again to lower their expectations for the new environment earlier, most kids were not prepared for the move expectation-wise and felt disappointed because it is a far cry from Yong An, but as soon as we spent some time at Beijing Guang Ai School (http://www.bjgaxx.cn/index.asp), all of the students felt more than satisfied with their new living conditions seeing the conditions of the students there. Today we taught the kids at Guang AI school basketball, English, and Chinese yo-yo. I believe the reflections will give the best information about the experience of the kids today, because it was mostly a inner change.

Here are the reflection notes:

Lisa – Buddy at the Boarding School today was a cute little girl and she always wanted to say the answer when Chauncey asked a question. She also took a lot of notes. Can\'t wait to go back tomorrow.

Tia – Saw how much the Principal was affecting all the kids\' lives for the better. Makes her think how lucky she is because most of the kids are orphans.

Brandon – The rooms at the new hotel are not as good even though Liao Laoshi had told him he had to lower his expectations. Taught the kids basketball, English and Chinese yo-yo.

Chauncey – The kids at the GuangAi School were really nice and it was fun teaching them. Makes him think how lucky he is for everything in his life.

Dave – Didn\'t have high hopes for the hotel but it still turned out pretty nice. Didn\'t really get to know the orphans too well because of his bad cough.

James – Feels lucky for his conditions because of seeing the conditions at GuangAi school. Will keep this day in mind when he feels unlucky back home.

Ryan – The kids are the most unfortunate people he\'s ever seen but they are still really happy.

Joanne – Her partner at the GuangAi school today was very good at Chinese Yo-Yo and good at English.

Tristan – Going to GuangAi school showed him how great his life was and appreciates his parents more now.

Detorea – Thought the hotel would be big and tall but she was shocked. Thanks Shannon today for putting the pieces of her rubik\'s cube back together. Thanks Annie for killing all the flies around her.

Annie – Didn\'t think the new hotel was that great but got used to it quickly. Her buddy at GuangAi School catches on quickly in class and has good handwriting.

MingMing – Coming here is an opportunity to show us the lucky life we live.

Jessica – Realizes she and the GuangAi students come from very different worlds after asking a child what his age was and he said he didn\'t know.

Shannon – Surrounded by two kids at GuangAi school and tried to be as affectionate as possible to everyone at the school because they didn\'t receive enough in their lives.

LinLin – Teaching English to her buddy made her feel important and is excited to decorate the school tomorrow.

Amy – The hotel was better than she expected from the outside. Reminds her of the living conditions with her aunt and uncle.

Sonia – Feels like it\'s an honor to be able to meet the kids at the GuangAi School. After seeing what the kids had to live in this hotel feels like a 5 star hotel. We should all feel more grateful after going there.

Melissa – Felt so lucky to live in a house with her family. The kids looked so small and happy even though they used to live on the street. Her students said bye to her and used a new word they taught and she felt really touched.

Matt – His kid was really diligent at learning English and in everything he did.

Ben – After visiting the school realizes we are really spoiled for living at this hotel even though previously he thought it was really disappointing.

Darren – Wang Laoshi help us rent a van to go to GuangAi and thanks her because otherwise we would have to walk.

Sophia – We should feel really lucky we have a place to school when others don\'t. The kids seemed very prepared and were really happy even though they are orphans.


Bonnie - I have always admired Principal Shi. Today when I finally met him, I felt a very strong emotion. As soon as the conversation started, I felt the depth of his words so I quickly asked all the YiB kids to gather around him and translated his words for them.

He quoted a Harvard professor saying that a society\'s civilization is reflected by how its strong members treat its weak ones and an individual\'s success is reflected by how he/she treats the unfortunate. This is so consistant with what we have been emphasizing at YiB!


He also posed a thoughtful question to all of us, \"What is the purpose of EDUCATION?\" Jessica answered - to produce people who can move the society forward and to solve the world\'s problems. Principal Shi said that Jessica\'s answer was similar to the answers given by the Chinese students from the prestigious universities.

However he was asking the essence of education, which he said should be to teach people understanding themselves. Only after one can understand him/herself, would he/she be able to help the society.

This is so true. In our leadership training, we have always talked about the \"first person\" to lead should be yourself ... before you can influence other people\'s behaviors.

I learned a lot from him today.

(All the kids call him \"ba-ba\" privately because he\'s the only \"daddy\" they have.July 6th was his birthday. You can read more articles at http://www.bjgaxx.cn/index.asp about his birthday and the students\'writing about Father\'s Day. Very touching.)

Robert - Today I saw Chauncey teaching grade 2 at GuangAi School. I thought he was awesome for teaching the class because teaching is hard and he\'s very young but he still taught. He can write the Chinese words and the English words so he had the skills necessary to teach the class. I want to be like Chauncey.

After reflection:

Leadership Meeting – Chauncey, Jessica, Sonia, Melissa, Robert

This group planned the next day out in more detail.

Robert & Bonnie

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