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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2012-07-14

Dear Parents,

Today we allowed the students to sleep in a little and finish writing their 18 corridor stories in the morning in preparation for going to the Summer Palace, and therefore did not have morning exercises. After breakfast, we went to the Capital Museum, where we learned about the various Chinese advances and cultural heritage, while looking through halls full of relics made of jade and cloisonné, as well as ancient Chinese murals and paintings. It seemed to me to be a perfect ending to our cultural lessons, and everything we’ve been learning and getting exposed to kind of came together for me at that point. (Many of the cultural lessons have been added since 2005.)

After lunch, we went to the Summer Palace, learning about the various courtyards and which emperors favored which courtyards. Then, we walked along the long corridor (chang2 lang2) where the students tried to match the stories they read with the pictorial representations painted on the ceilings of the corridor. They then climbed up to the Tower of Buddhist Incense (fo2 xiang1 ge2) to see a great view of the Summer Palace from above, and we rode a dragon boat to the South Lake Island (nan2 hu2 dao3) and walked across the 17-arch bridge to leave the palace. Thanks to Natalie and one other person at dinner who were thoughtful enough to ask why Frank (our tour guide) wasn’t eating—it turns out that he eats separately with the bus driver.

We’re currently in study hall, preparing for tomorrow’s exam (instead of group reflections). Bonnie and I hope that they have learned and retained a lot, for the sake of interest and curiosity about their heritage as opposed to the threat of impending examinations, both in Chinese language, culture, and leadership. The teachers are busy preparing their tests, so I’m kind of running around between rooms to make sure the students are quiet and studying—I’m really impressed with C class, who are silent and working hard each time I stop by.


-Rachel & Bonnie




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