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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by carlguan on 2002-03-20

Hi ryan,
I'm carl as bonnie mentioned if you have already read her greeting, I really dont know what to say but if you have an instrument, i would recommend you bring it to pratice in Yinghua. I was so excited to go when my mother told me about Yinghua. Rachel will probably fill you in on what's going on in Yinghua because she's been there before and she was nice enough to help me. Also if i were you, i would bring english books to china to read, my mom says that they help your vocabulary and writing. It sort of feels weird leaving in the middle of school. So, anyway, i'm 12 years old, and, obviously, i'm in the seventh grade. Well, i'll write back to you later, so seeya!


140 Records (140 pages) [start] << 1 Back - 66 67 68 69 70 - Next 1 >> [end]

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