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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Rachel on 2002-05-20

Hi, Ryan!
I'm Rachel, and as Bonnie said, I have already been to Limai for a semester. Okay, you asked what you should bring. First of all, what Carl said is right. If you have an instrument, you can bring it. However, I would caution that, if you're not planning on playing it, then you shouldn't bring it. I brought my flute, but I rarely played, and it became just one more piece of luggage to lug back to the US.
English books are something you want to bring too. There are many long and boring English classes, and unless you're the kind of person who loves to re-read, you should bring enough. There is a small English library, but it has books mainly for the second-grade level. Also, you can borrow books from any other kid in Yinghua, I for one will be happy to share.
As for other things, you really don't need much. You are required to wear your uniform everyday, so unless you are staying in the school on weekends, you don't really need a lot of clothes. In the winter, Beijing is very cold; you need to make sure that you bring enough warm clothes. Karen, Brandon and I had the problem of being cold last semester!
If you are unused to Chinese medications, you may want to bring some medicines like Tylenol or something youí»re used to taking. You may want to bring some for the common cold and headaches, if you get them. However, if you have a fever or are throwing up, you will have to take Chinese medicines. Doní»t worry too much about this: besides the cold, last semester the three of us didní»t get sick at all.
Feel free to ask me any questions, and Ií»ll answer them as well as I can. See you at Limai! Gook Luck!
Best Wishes,


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