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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Bonnie on 2002-05-20

Hey Everybody!
Just wanted to clarify a few things and add a few more thoughts...
The boarding school you're going to live and study is called Beijing Limai School (or Limai for short). It's run by local Chinese educators.
The program you are participating that sends you to Limai is called YingHua in Beijing Honors Program. This program is administered by YingHua Language School (or YingHua for short), which is a weekend school near Princeton, New Jersey.
I am the principal of YingHua and the Director for the Honors Program.
Once you arrived at Limai, you will meet many teachers.
There is one YingHua teacher - Wang laoshi. She works for YingHua and is responsible for the overall well-being of the YingHua in Beijing Honors Program students. She acts as a legal guardian when needed meaning she is authorized to have certain rights as your parents when needed. For instance, she would be allowed to take you to the hospital should you get really sick. With your parents' permission, she can also take you out of the campus to buy fruits, some needed clothes, or some other stuff from local stores.
She is really nice and very understanding. Her own son has grown up and got married already. She can drive and lives quite close to Limai.
Besides Wang laoshi, there are many Limai teachers, who live on campus most of the time. Wang laoshi works with Limai teachers and school administrators very closely.
Two most important Limai teachers are the homeroom teacher (ban1 zhu3 ren4), who is responsible for the overall performance of you and your classmates, especially while you are in classrooms, and the resident teacher (sheng1 huo2 lao3 shi1), who takes care of you and your classmates when you are not in the classrooms.
You will soon figure out who to report to when you need help. When in doubt, always ask Wang laoshi, who will visit you at least once a week during the week and once on weekends. If you stay at Limai on weekends, you should be able to see her twice a week.
When you cannot see Wang laoshi, you can always report any problems to your homeroom teacher.
You will find out soon that so many people genuinely care about you at Limai. They really want you to have a meaningful and worthwhile experience even though it might not be exactly fun.
There are different kinds of happy feelings. One can feel happy instantenously when going to amusement parks, playing computer games, or doing other fun activities.
However, there is another kind of deeper happy feeling that can only come when you overcome unforeseen challenges and triumph in the face of difficulties. That kind of feeling is long-lasting and with significant meaning to the rest of your life. Not every kid gets to experience it.
Of course, in order to triumph, you'll need to be humble first, which could be painful and confusing because you will have to change your way of thinking. If your original way of thinking needs a lot of changes, you may feel like being reborn!
I am sure with all the support you can get at Limai, you will do well!
Take care,

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