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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2010-06-24

Dear Parents,

In a few days, we will meet in Beijing!

1) Please verify that the following students will meet me at the Newark Airport check-in station on Sunday June 27. Please arrive by 10 a.m. and we will find each other between 10:30 and 11 a.m. PLEASE email me your cell phone for June 27. My cell phone is 609.575.2187.

Bullock, Victoria
Tang, Jonathan
Tang, Rebecca
Moldoff, Andrew
Ru, Lauren
Shi, Victoria
Li, Phillip
Shi, Haoran

One piece of luggage (plus a backpack) per person would make the transportation in Beijing easier. It would be OK if your child will bring an extra piece of luggage to someone meeting them at the Beijing airport.

PLEASE have your child wear a pair of pants and bring a long-sleeve shirt or light jacket for the flight.

2) The following students will NOT need to be picked up at the airport.
Chen, Elaine
Chen, Yvonne
Huang, Jessika
Liu, Caroline
Liu, Kellie 
Ogden, Phillip
Ogden, Victor
Patent, Mariette
Que, Jason
Seymour, Tristan
Zhang, Lionel
Zhang, Shannon
Zhang, Stephanie

Please arrive at the Yong An Hotel on Monday June 28 after 12 p.m. Please contact Pan Laoshi at 139.0107.5886 (cell) or  6275.5777 (home). As a back-up, you may reach Wang Laoshi at 8175.1775 (home) or 136.1122.1288 (cell)

#5 Nongzhanguan North Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing
永安宾 北京朝阳区北 路5号

3) The following three will need to be picked up.
Grant, William Alexander 2010-06-28 7:30 p.m. Eva Airways BR 0716 (Terminal 3)
CASTEIGTS, BENOIT 2010-06-28 10:50 AM, AIR FRANCE, AF126
Zheng, David 2010-07-01 3:55 p.m.

4) If your child has not submitted the essay ("Why do I want to attend YingHua-in-Beijing 2010 Summer Language & Leadership Institute? Why should I be accepted?"), he/she will be asked to finish it before attending any activities. We believe this is a good opportunity for your child to solidify his/her own purpose and expectations for this summer program. Only a couple of kids have not done so. Please make sure the essay is emailed to me before we arrive on Monday.
Please let me know if you have any addition questions.

Look forward to meeting your children!


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