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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by carlguan on 0000-00-00

I'm been bored forever. The monthly tests are alright, math and english, but i still need to improve on yuwen. On math, i got 65, on english, i got a stupid 84. English, or so, is so easy, but because of my too carefulness, i make some foolish mistakes trying to find easy words so that the english teacher may understand. I dont really like limai that much but i'd rather be here than be on vacation. Han yu zhong xin is okay it's just its boring. Most of the koreans are good people, it's just that they smoke and they fight. They all crave power and popularity, and try their best to avoid trouble with the teacher. My classmates, i cant really depict them. Some i like, some i dont. My classmates keep getting different ideas about me. Like sometimes they think i'm okay, sometimes I get on their nerves and some get on my nerves, thats when i dont like people. I'm going well with Ryan. Hes still a little immature but hes better than nothing. We play around with this Mongolian kid that is named Carl(i dont know, his name could be spelled Karl). Well, my dormmates are alright, except for two boys. I want to write more but i want to check mail right now.

140 Records (140 pages) [start] << 1 Back - 6 7 8 9 10 - Next 1 >> [end]

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