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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Luo,Lifeng on 2008-07-16

Dear Parents,
We spent the day on campus today.
Because USTB will host the Judo events during the Olympics, a great deal of preparation is going on. The security if very good. The road between the hotel and the classroom has been closed off. So we need to go around the barricades. It is amazing to see how much effort Chinese government has put in to ensure the safety of the Olympics.
We did morning exercises including Chinese yo-yo. Last night's acrobat performance included a yo-you performance. The kids were so impressed because now they can appreciate how hard to play the yo-yo. During the show, the performers would throw the yo-yo into the air and then do jump-rope before catching the yo-yo. Today, I saw Samuel and Andrew were trying to do just that.They were quite impressive.
After lunch, Wang Laoshi briefly introduced the Chinese dynasties to the students. Initially she was going to teach three songs based on Tang poems. These songs were well liked by the students last year. However, our students this year did not quite like them.
So for the most part, the kids just practiced the "Real Hero" and "Friends" with the DVD.
Then we continued the Leadership Training by playing two video clips. One is "Hand in Hand" (www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZ1inH76ch0 ) and the second one is on Nick Vujicic (check YouTube.com)..
I forgot to report on Monday that at around 4:30 p.m., because it's drizzling outside, we held another session of the Leadership Training. We reviewed the goal/purpose - motivation/determination - self-discipline "flow chart" and discussed three ways of expanding your influence circle when you wanted to make any changes:
1) Direct Change
2) Indirect Change
3) Change yourself, your attitude or perception.
We shared examples of situations in which we have used these approaches.
Then we moved on to discuss Emotional Intelligence (or EQ sometimes). We went over the first two elements of EQ:
1) Know your emotions (negative emotions)
2) Manage your emotions
Each student was asked to write a short essay to describe a situation in which they utilized the direct/indirect way to change the situation.
So today, after watching the video clips, we continued with the last three items for EQ.
3) Motivate oneself and Marshall the emotions to achieve a goal
4) Empathy (golden rule vs. platinum rule)
5) Relationships
We brought the contents of the two videos into the discussion and the students were quite active!
Around 4 p.m., Gong Laoshi and the new Counselor Mr. Ma brought two plates of cut watermelon! Kids went to play volleyball after the fruits.
So much for today!


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