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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Luo,Lifeng on 2008-07-17

Dear Parents,
Today is a beautiful day! We stayed on campus finishing up the last day's in-class study.
After lunch, the younger kids made lovely prop of "Little Rabbit" for tomorrow's performance. The older kids worked on an intensive worksheet for the following 2.5 field-trip days. We won't have a chance to do computer searches between trips.
The students were asked to find out the years of all major dynasties and write out the dynasty names in Chinese. Then they need to find a European history timeline to identify at least ten major historical events happened during ten different dynasties (one for each). In this way, hopefully they would be able to make some connection between the two parallel timelines.
They were also asked to find out the starting time and current population of Muslim, Buddhism, and Christian.
They were also asked to identify five key features and their characteristics in the summer palace, which we will visit on Saturday.
There were also questions about Yuan Ming Yuan - its significance and some historic facts. We will visit Yuan Ming Yuan and Peking University on Sunday afternoon.
We had five PCs so the kids were split into five 2-person groups.
I went to the airport to pick up Mr. Clark Glenn, the Director of Outdoor Leadership Training Program at The Lawrenceville School. He's going to help direct the activities from now on through the end of the program on July 27. 
After Mr. Glenn and I returned to the campus at 3:30 p.m., we rushed to join the kids for today's high-light event - touring the Olympic Judo Stadium!!
I've finally understand what's going on. USTB has the honor and all the responsibilities for hosting the Judo events. So a brand NEW stadium was built including one stadium and one connecting swimming facility. During the Olympics, the swimming pool is covered up and serves as the warm-up area. In this way, after the Olympics, USTB will be left with a new stadium!!
So many colleges and universities wanted to have this privilege. As Jay put it, "It'd be an honor in itself just to be able to host the Olympic events. Then to add a new stadium to the school, that's just incredible privilege." He's absolutely right. So normally such privilege would only go to Peking University or Tsinghua University - the top-tier schools. The reason USTB got such a privilege is mostly because the current Mayor of Beijing used to study at USTB and this is considered to be a gift for his alma mater.
So this morning as Pan Laoshi and I were having breakfast, we started talking to this lady who used to stay in the Chicago General Consulate for 2 years and now is serving as a manager for the Olympics committee. She initially thought there would only be a couple of our own children (as we often refer our students as "our children" :-)). Once she promised us to work on this, she learned that we had 15 kids!! It was almost impossible to get approval in such a short time. Through her tremendous effort, we finally got the permission to go to see the inside of the Judo Stadium!!
Now we feel that we've accomplished a major wish. Otherwise, how disappointed would we fee. We've been living literately next to the stadium for three weeks and never get to see its inside?
Today, the kids were very excited!! The staff inside the stadium was very accommodating. We eventually got on the stage where the Judo events will be held! The kids lay out flat on the stage and had a very nice photo. We checked out every corner of the stadium!! :)
Then we had a brief meeting to give Mr. Glenn a proper introduction and welcome. Mr. Glenn was like a magnet attracting all the kids. They asked him many many questions. Kids just adore him!
I'm looking forward to reporting more excitements to you next week - if I can get Internet access.
So much for now.


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