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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-07-16

Dear Parents,

Last night, Liao Laoshi announced that we would not have our shuttle van. We unanimously agreed that we would walk to Guang Ai on Friday. The weather was perfect because of last night\'s thunderstorm. The streets are as clean as they could be in this area. The temperature was comfortable. We walked for 30 minutes to get to Guang Ai.

Then we spent the morning at Guang Ai School and for our farewells, we performed our songs and talents for them and they also performed for us. Chauncey performed drums, Dace did kung-fu with a staff, we sang Lean on Me, the Guang Ai kids sang their school song, Matt and Ben played guitar, Jason from Guang Ai did handstand walking, one of their students performed with nunchuks, we performed our group Kong-Fu, four of the Guang Ai girls played violin, we did guang-bo-ti-cao together with the Guang Ai students (as they knew how to do this as well), and we all sang Grateful Heart together with them (as they sing this song on every Monday and Friday before lunch time).

After we went back to Yong An hotel, many students prepared for the leave by signing each other’s bags and shirts. Then we went to dinner and celebrated Robert’s, Joanne’s, and Shannon’s birthdays. The teachers bought a very nice cake for everyone to share.


Joanne – Even though I turned eleven today I still feel 10 years old. It was really nice that Lisa kept saying happy birthday to her. Thanks the teachers for the cake.

Brandon – We performed many things at Guang Ai School. Felt bad for Sonia missing the last two days at camp. Thanks Robert for cutting cake.

Robert - I lost some things today so even being so old, I still forget things. I lost my laptop charger at the old hotel and Jason’s cross at the school. I should go back to get them some time. Being here, I forget to think about my stuff because there are so many things to do all the time and usually get lost in the moment and forget about my stuff. My birthday was today and many people said happy birthday and did nice things. Thanks for everyone. I don’t know about everyone but I believe that birthdays are important to recognize because they are the celebration of a very simple and beautiful thing. It is not quite an achievement or a prize but a celebration of existence. It is to say something like I rejoice in your existence. This is very important to express and it is good there is one day a year everyone gets to feel that.

Chauncey – We take a lot for granted.

James – Enjoyed basketball with the Guang Ai kids. Thanks Chauncey for helping pass out the soup at diner.

Tia – Learned to be grateful for everything she has. Remembers all the small things everyone has done for each other.

LinLin – Astonished at how fast camp went by. The kids at Guang Ai have taught her many deep and touching things. Hopes to be as strong as them.

Jessica – Looking around she is starting to see the Yong An hotel in the perspective of the Guang Ai children. Many things are very luxurious here. Saw people at the porridge restaurant today offer to finish leftover food because of our new experiences.

Tristan – Played basketball today with the Guang Ai kids. Won but they did not know the rules. The kids have been extremely nice and considerate and has enormous respect for them. Sad to leave this camp.

Ben - -While it was a relief to be back in Yong An, he will truly miss the kids he met. Was teaching a boy who was blind guitar with Robert. Next he taught a boy who couldn’t speak and hope he would find his \"voice\" through playing music.

Ryan – Hoped that he made the Guang Ai students’ week better. Feels nice to be back in the Yong An hotel but looking at the Guang Ai dorms feels very fortunate for our rooms.

Dave – Hope that the Guang Ai kids will succeed in their future. Thanks Chauncey order food at dinner.

Annie – Thinks that camp has gone by so fast being her last reflection. Saw her buddy at Guang AI school for the last time. Hopes to stay in touch with everyone.

Lisa – Thinking about birthdays, she thought about when Jessica asked a Guang Ai student his age and he replied that he didn’t know. Learned about appreciation and pushing herself to reach her goals.

Shannon – Leaving Guang Ai brought tears to her eyes. Her life is so different from the friends she made at Guang Ai. Our paths will move far apart and none of us will know where we will end up.

Liao Laoshi – Got to talk to more teachers at Guang Ai. Realized that they gave up comfort and luxury in their lives to teach at the school. Most of the teachers are college graduates and they are the reason that Guang Ai can provide not only good living conditions but also the quality of education. This reminds me at the restaurant on Wednesday when we had lunch with the Guang Ai kids she had no idea what to expect as far as what their table manners would be, however she was completely surprised which left her great respect for the kids and the principal, even though they were very hungry after the hike and they seldom had the opportunity to enjoy this kind of good food, they were very courteous and extremely well behaved and hopes all of us will remember this.

Also thought about the leadership group this week and the kids who involved themselves in that had to put their leadership abilities in to practice a lot. Hopes that everyone understands that leadership is not a title or position or power, but it’s about influencing the behavior of other people toward group goals through our own characters and integrety. If we can all remember can practice that we will be very successful.

MingMing – Many strangers have turned into friends at the camp. In the beginning of this camp we all have changed so much. It’s only been 26 days and we have come so far.

Matt – Taught Jason guitar even though Jason\'s fingers hurt he put all his effort into learning and admires him for that.

Darren – Thinks that people should show their true feelings to others.

Melissa – Felt sad about leaving Guang Ai. Personally wasn’t happy about going back to Yong An as it had almost made this past week\'s experience \"disappear.\" The people and the experiences were very precious to her at Guang Ai. Sad about Sonia leaving and could not imagine how sad it\'s going to be on the last day when everyone would leave.

Detorea – Sad about leaving Guang Ai. Caught more grasshoppers at Guang Ai school. Tried to put 2 crickets in a bottle to see if they would fight but they didn’t. Sad to hear that Annie is leaving tomorrow.

Sophia – Very sad to leave such great students at Guang Ai. Hopes that they will continue their hard work. Looking forward to the next time we will get to see them. Before dinner todays she talked with a local at the hotel and played with her baby. Hopes to continue her communication with others.

Amy – Played with a Tibetan orphan who was very curious about her left arm. Felt bad that she did not have more time to spend with her. Thanks the laoshis for getting yogurt in the morning.


Robert & Bonnie

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