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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2010-10-15

Greetings from Huairou,

We arrived in Huairou around 11:00 Monday morning and were greeted by our partners who run the Dong Dong Summer Camp program for Chinese children and the guides from the National Mountaineering Training Center.  This week the students will be putting into practice many of the language and leadership skills that they have been developing our first three weeks together.  YingHua students and Dong Dong students room together, four students per room, and work together in teams doing a number of exercises and activities designed to help them learn more about cooperation, teamwork and leadership.  We will also be doing debriefs after these exercises to help participants process their experiences.

The Chinese mountaineering guides who are working with us are enthusiastic young people who are really committed to fostering team-building and leadership skills in your children.  The theme that ran through all the activities of the first day was communication, and the activities led by the guides have included: a puzzle contest which encouraged multiple small groups to communicate with one another; and a rope obstacle course, where teams had to move team members through openings in the net without touching the rope itself.  Some of our YingHua students are older than most of the Dong Dong participants, so the challenges in communication were not only linguistic and cultural, but also related to mixed-age leadership. A few our students really shone in their leadership of these activities, including Vicky S. and Jessika whose Chinese language skills and patience with the younger participants helped greatly in creating a good group experience.

After dinner in the cafeteria, Pei Laoshi taught a lesson on the importance of communication in achieving the outcomes in today‚Äôs exercises and challenged the students to learn more about communicating, not just cross-linguistically, but cross-culturally.  We concluded the evening with a large group reflection of our YingHua students and Chinese students.

Best from Huairou,



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