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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by carlguan on 2003-05-20

hi everyone,
I am getting on leila and Ryan's nerves! We play everyday in the afternoon at break time in the han yu center. The reason i get on Ryan's nerves is because of the fact that he can't catch me and that my disses are much better than his, his frustration has brought him to say that. Leila, well i get on her nerves because i'm hyperactive and i spell her name L-E-I-L-A, so i don't really mind it. Homework is just too much on the weekends, i have to ask Rachel about most of the questions because i just can't read the words or i dont know the meaning of them. Everytime i'm in the computers with Rachel, sometimes Annie is there. She now thinks i get on her nerves but i dont really care. I mean i hardly see her anyway and i would only need to deal with her for like 40 minutes and a little more every monday, thursday and Friday. My Yu Wen Lao Shi is so Jian Gui.(very bad) Rachel hates him as much as me. I'm never asking him for help, next time i need help on a quiz or test, i'll ask my math teacher, Liu Lao Shi. Everyone else is lucky, i have to lie in a dorm with tough kids, Rachel is in with the girls( better than the boys at least and her dorm has no smokers) Ryan is in a better dorm with nicer kids his age. Leila is in a dorm with a caring teacher and 3rd grade little girls, she doesn't even have to wash her clothes. Shannon is in the same dorm building as leila, she has no problems with her environment, why do i always have to sleep with this smoke and why do i have to get the tough, chatty, smoking kids? Why do i have to suffer this while everyone else doesnt? why are my classes so boring while everyone elses (excluding Rachel)classes seem so fine. Leila thinks her life here is so bad although it's way better than mine. Her bathroom has showerheads. Ryan has much to learn about a decorum and impulsive judgements (if you are reading this ryan, look in a dictionary, that's two new words for you) I wonder if the kids in my dorm building, the smoking kids, are aware of the fact that carbon monoxide eats oxygen away from the body eventually developing a disease that troubles the breathing of these smokers. I have talked about a lot of different subjects in this letter, hoping to write more,

140 Records (140 pages) [start] << 1 Back - 31 32 33 34 35 - Next 1 >> [end]

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