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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Rachel on 0000-00-00

Hi, all!
I VERY tired right now, because I memorized mu lan shi until 10:30 last night. Im glad I did, though, becuase I can now say it from beginning to end.
Yesterday, Laila and I went to her friend's brother's birthday party. I had fun, but because I was the oldest person under 16, I was mostly heping. How tiring it must be to hold a birthday party with that many kids under 10!
It's finally getting warmer here, even if there is a lot of wind. Today I am going to be one of the qi2 shou3, really it looks really funny, and I always swing my arm worng, so I'm not really looking forward to it. Also, this afternoon, we are having a nei4 wu4 bi3 sai4, and I'm in it!
That's all for now!

140 Records (140 pages) [start] << 1 Back - 1 2 3 4 5 - Next 1 >> [end]

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