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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Announcement

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by Director on 0000-00-00

Dear YiB Parent,
I am in Beijing from the 19th through 28th to take care of my parents. Yesterday I planned to spend the whole day at Limai but ended up sending my mom to an emergency room at 5 a.m. and later got her admitted to hospital. When I settled my mom, who¡¯s stable now, in the hospital, I went to Limai in time for the annual Harvest Day (cai3 zhai1 jie2) in late afternoon. I met all four YiB Honor students briefly before meeting Mr. Deng, Director of the Admission Office, Ms. Sheng, Director of Chinese Center for Foreigners, and Mr. Wong, Directory for chu1 zhong1 bu4 individually. Lihong was there as well and we met Ms. Sheng together.
The meetings went very smoothly. Over all, the students have been doing quite well. Mr. Deng will help me make an appointment with the school¡¯s Principal next week to settle several issues.
Through Ms. Sheng, I sense that it would be hard for the school to agree to appoint one key contact for various reasons.
Therefore today I appointed YingHua¡¯s own key contact in Beijing ¨C Ms. Wang Lingle. I will bring her to the meeting next week at Limai and will introduce her to the YiB students. I have known her since the beginning of 2005 and we worked together everyday this summer for the YingHua in Beijing Summer Program. She is one of the BEST teachers one could ask for! It is just so happen that she lives relatively close to Limai and she also has a car.
She will be able to help the YiB students with their homework on Saturdays or Sundays if they stay on campus. She will be able to take them out shopping or have some fun on the weekends when the school does not have any outings. Currently the school has been providing regular outing activities every other weekend (very regular). Ms. Wang will also be able to be YiB students¡¯ legal guardian when needed. When any YiB¡¯s students or their teachers have issues, they will contact Ms. Wang and Ms. Wang will be able to get in touch with me through email promptly, if needed. Whenever we have any issue, we will let her communicate with the school as much as possible. She is a very good communicator!
She is retired and is a staff teacher at Beijing Yanjing Professional Cultural School teaching overseas students Chinese while they are studying at Beijing No. 39 High School. Her function is similar to Ms. Sheng at Limai, except that Ms. Sheng is part of Limai¡¯s staff while Ms. Wang remains to be a staff of Yanjing, a third party providing Chinese training for overseas Chinese students at the No. 39 High School. YingHua¡¯s Summer Program was and will be at No. 39 HS jointly organized with Beijing Yanjing Professional Cultural School. So today I visited the school and the Yanjing staff (all familiar faces from this summer). During the dinner, this decision was made.
I just think this is such a critical decision for YingHua in Beijing Honor Program. With Ms. Wang¡¯s commitment, I have no doubt that YiB student¡¯s experience at Limai will be an even more memorable one.
We will figure out how much compensation we should pay Ms. Wang for her service. She is very willing to help. She has a sister, also a teacher, who will be her back-up.
Those of you who know me know how ¡°picky¡± I can be in finding the ¡°right¡± person for taking on responsibilities like this. I can assure you Ms. Wang IS THE best possible candidate. (I just wish I had thought about her earlier!) She is loving and energetic ¨C a well-loved teacher both in the classrooms as well as outside.
Please let me know if you have any thoughts and concerns or questions on this matter. I am truly very excited.
When I visit Limai next week, I plan to spend some time with each individual student and their homeroom teacher. If you have any specific issue you would like me to discuss with your child or share with Ms. Wang before I leave Beijing, please let me know.

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