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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-07-16

Dear Parents,

Sonia left last night. Annie left this morning. It makes everyone feel sad to start seeing the end of this program.

Here\'s the lyrics of the \"school song\" for Guang Ai school.

像一只蒲公英飘荡在空气里,不知道我的家在哪里。我好冷,想抱紧天上的太阳;我好怕,想躲进妈妈的怀里。当我 心中在没有盼望的时候,是你伸出了爱的双手。你给我温暖,给我希望,你给我勇气,给我坚强;你告诉我爱别人就是爱自己,爱让我回家,永不分离.

Don\'t know how long the road I have traveled was,
Can\'t remember how long I have been drifting,
Just like a Dandelion flower floating in the air,
don\'t know where my home is.

I am so cold, I wanted to hold tight the sun in the sky.
I am so scared, I wanted to hide in mom\'s arms.
when my heart has nothing to look forward to,
it is you who have extended your loving hands.

You give me warmth, give me hope.
You give me courage, give me strength.
You tell me loving others is loving ourselves,
Love has led me to home and shall never be separated.


Today we took the 动车 \"the bullet train\" to one of the top four largest cities in China - Tianjin. The 30-minute journey was smooth and pleasant even though the train was traveling at 206-210 miles per hour (330-335 km/hr) most of the time. We arrived in Tianjin at 10:40 a.m. and took public Bus 634 to go to the famous \"Food Market Street,\" where we shopped and ate at different stores and food stands. We then took the train back to Beijing at 2:45 p.m. and went to the Silk Market at 4:30 p.m. Our dinner was a special treat at 都一处, the most well-known old Beijing name brand for 烧卖 (steamed dumplings) for hundreds of years.

It is said that Emperor Qian Long of the Qing Dynasty (the grandson of Emperor Kang Xi) liked to dress up in plain clothes walking around among the local residents. One day he was hungry but all the restaurants were closed except for one. He ate there and was amazed by the food, especially its specialty 烧卖 (shao-mai). So he wrote three large characters in Chinese calligraphy 都一处 (du1 - yi1 - chu4) meaning \"Only Here!\"

The kids loved the food, especially the shao-mai. We got home at 8:40 p.m. and held our final group reflection at 9 p.m.

Each of us wrote a long piece of reflection about the past four weeks, which we will post at the web site (currently all of our daily announcements are posted at http://yhls.yinghuaschool.org/forum/toc.php?tb=yib2011&CatID=11 ). Then each of us took a moment to share some final thoughts with the group.

Final reflection notes:

LinLin – This camp has been such a meaningful experience for me and has never stopped learning about others, leadership, Chinese, etc. Wish she could stay at this program forever.

Tia – Camp has been great. Thanks Liao Laoshi for making this camp possible.

Joanne – Hopes everyone will come back next year. Misses Annie even though they got into arguments sometimes.

Ben – What he will really take away from this camp is the realization about how wonderful our lives are compared to the students from the Guang Ai School.

Brandon – Wishes everyone a great trip back home. Learned about leadership and many facts aboutall the places we have been to and Chinese.

Dave – Thank you for everyone who has made this camp possible and made this experience great. Hopes we will have a great time on the fifth week as well.

Lisa – Yinghua is an amazing camp she will really miss.

Tristan – Thanks everyone for making this experience as good as last year’s.

Jessica – Overall there was a steady upward trend at the camp even with the positives and negatives.

Amy – Learned and experienced a lot. It was a very good experience for her.

Shannon – Comes back every year because of the people. Everyone is so unique and so many memories are created.

Ryan – Camp has been amazing and learned a lot about the language and culture. Made a difference in himself overall.

Melissa – Hard to put into words but feels like a whole different person now.

Chauncey – At the beginning he felt like a normal person and now feels like he’s come a long way. These four weeks have seemed really long but actually are really short. This camp has made him appreciate life to its fullest.

Detorea – Had a great experience and had fun with her roommates.

Darren – Past few weeks have been the best camp experiences he’s had so far. Wants to be more ambitious in his learning because he’s been doing poorly in school.

Sophia – This camp was a fantastic experience when she thought it would be normal. Very thankful for coming to the camp instead of sitting around her house. Hopes she has given friendship, laughter, and kindness.

Matthew – Thanks everyone at camp for helping to make this a really positive experience. Thought visiting Guang Ai school was a really good way to apply what they learned about leadership.

James – Enjoyed the classes, trips, but mostly the friends. Hopes to come back next year.

Robert - This camp is very good. It provides many opportunities for kids to challenge themselves in new situations to become better people. The fourth week at Guang Ai school is also a profoundly affecting experience for all the students because we put in volunteer work there, plan out our own schedule for the day, and interact with a lot of really unfortunate orphans. All these help us to shape a better perspective about life.

I’ve improved by simply holding a “leadership” title, which has either forced me or given me the motivation to be more responsible, think about others, help others, set a good example, be proactive, and to keep things under control.

I would definitely recommend this camp to other people because it takes character development and learning very seriously. This sort of environment is crucial to a group of kids because it will inevitably “break” them into going in that positive direction. Also all the seminars on leadership, the rigorous Chinese courses, and the experiences volunteering at Guang Ai which acts as the final “practical” for leadership and emotional intelligence all help to ensure the goals of the camp are reached which are, Chinese improvement, cultural knowledge, and leadership skills.

Liao Laoshi – Felt that this year at YiB was the best. Everyone was very unique and interesting and very good kids. Thought everyone was very coachable and especially due to this year’s fourth week at Guang Ai school. Started this program because she wishes to share what she has learned over the years with all the students and always wanted to do that for her at her age. Warned people about reverse cultural shock when people return to the US.  Does not want people to forget what they have learned.

Robert & Bonnie


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