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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-06-29

Dear Parents,
Overall, the first day went pretty smoothly. The airport pick-up of 6 different groups has been successful with one more group of 2 students arriving around midnight here.

However there has been a serious incident. The passport of one student traveling with me got stolen on the plane just before landing during the brief period between I gave the passports back to each student to fill out the paperwork and the landing.. For years, I have asked the students to hold on to their passports after they filled out the forms until landing as we do another headcount check and passport checks right after coming off the plane, which is right before passing through the custom (the two locations are very close).

Since the incident happened while the student was on the plain, we worked with the airport staff to search the area and the airplane three times thoroughly. Nonetheless despite our effort and the airport\'s effort to help looking for it, the student must travel back to the US immediately before returning with a new passport and new visa.

Needless to say we feel deeply sorry and devastated as this has never happened before. Mr. Keith Benson, who had already passed the Custom, offered to travel back to the US with the student and went through the process of changing ticket for a new boarding pass at a different part of the airport but was later delayed by the long line at the security check point and could not accompany him. I have contact the family and will make necessary arrangement to bring the student back to our program in about a week.

Meanwhile we have been sharing a positive attitude with the students to minimize any negative impact on them. Now we have EVERYONE\'s passport locked in a safe deposit box at the hotel. The important thing is everyone is safe.

Since it is the first day, everyone is feeling understandably apprehensive and excited. Amongst the students, there is a lot to talk about concerning their new living conditions, the food, and the culture differences between Beijing and their home cities. Everyone is making a great effort to make friends with each other and adjust to their new lifestyles.
Every night, we have a Reflection at 8PM where the students gather in a circle and share the thoughts they write in their journals. Today, everyone shared something interesting they observed during the day. Many students wrote about the food they ate on the airplane ride and at the dining room here, their feelings about their new roommates, and how their new rooms felt. The atmosphere of the circle was a little noisier than what is expected of the students, but this will get better as the students learn more about each other and begin to respect each others\' opinions more.
If you would like to call your child, here are the instructions.
1. Dial: 011861065011188
2. Then you will be asked to provide an extention number to reach your child\'s room either by a machine or a telephone operator. The extention number is also the child\'s room number. Here are the numbers:
3. **Important: All the third-floor boys extension numbers will change starting tomorrow, 6/21, as they will be relocated to the 4th floor to be with the rest of the group. Please expect their revised room/extension numbers in tomorrow\'s e-mail.**


Robert, Bonnie

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