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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-06-29

Dear Parents,

The best news today received early in the morning is that the student who was send home on Monday has safely arrived home and will be able to return to the program this Thursday! We greatly appreciate the student\'s and the parents\' extraordinary psychological strength and their commitment to YiB! The student first attended YiB in 2008. Needless to say, the students were all feel relieved.

Tomorrow we will be on campus. The best time to call us is from 12:30 to 1 30 p.m. Please be mindful as to the length of your phone conversations. There are four students sharing one phone. If the line were kept busy, the new incoming callers would still need to dial the main number first to find out about it incurring long-distance calling fees..

Your child may check their email for 10 minutes a day after 8:45 p.m. usually. I will remind the students about this.

Tomorrow the students will be able to have their clothes washed. (girls firat and boys the next day).

from the Counselor, Robert Zhang -

**The boys rooms have not yet switched, so their extensions will be the same. We will notify all the parents when the rooms change and the extensions switch.**
Today was our second day in Beijing. The students have gotten much more comfortable with each other only after one day, especially after today\'s activities. Today, some students participated in the only optional morning exercise (all following morning exercises will be mandatory). This was great to see because although the students were tired and jet-lagged from their travels they gathered up the courage and enthusiasm to participate. These brave souls were Dave, Brandon, Chauncey, Matthew, Sophia, Jessica, JoAnne, and Shannon.
The students took a placement test for their Chinese classes. Brandon, the youngest student of the group, was quite excited to be placed into the most difficult class. Everyone then met with their teachers in their respective classes. Bonnie expects, however, a good number students this year will find an incentive to challenge themselves to move up a class level.
Bonnie also gave a primer on Leadership Training and emphasized that this was one of the objectives of the YiB Summer Language & Leadership Institute. The 10 attributes of the Learner\'s Profile (established by International Baccalaureate curriculum framework) that were discussed were: inquisitive, knowledgeable, thinker, principled, communicative, reflective, open-mindedness, balanced, caring, and risk-taking. We hope that the students will keep these attributes in mind during their stay with YingHua in Beijing, as well as beyond. We have already seen many students begin to actively and consciously apply these traits within themselves and their peers during today\'s activities.
We left the hotel at about 1 p.m. to visit Beijing\'s Ethnic Culture Park which has informative sites for all 56 ethnicities residing in the People\'s Republic of China. The students had many opportunities to put leadership attributes into practice here, such as risk-taking or getting out of one\'s comfort zone, during the native bamboo-stick dance of the Miao ethnic group, the Water-Splashing festival of the Dai ethnic group, where many students (boys holding the majority) changed into the native Dai clothing, and a Tibetan group dance. As we were leaving the park, Brandon scraped his knee, and many of the students showed their support and care for him with comforting words and gestures. MingMing was very prepared and helped Brandon patch his wound with her first-aid kit.
Afterwards, at about 5:30 p.m. we went to Dr. Tea\'s tea house to learn about the different types of traditional Chinese tea. Many students were quite amused by a Chinese Tea accessory called \'Pee Pee Boy\', a clay boy who pees cold water when he is placed in boiling water. It is a fun way to test if water is hot enough.
We went to a noodle restaurant with live demo for making the special Shanxi \"Knife-Slicing\" Noodle. We also had steamed fish! There are usually 8 dishes and one soup for each table, which is a lot of food. Detorea has been making consistent effort to be \"open-minded\" and \"risk-taking\" about trying food she had never seen before.

During tonight\'s Reflection started at 8:15 p.m., the student were more respectful of each other by being more quiet and attentive than yesterday during everyone\'s reading of their reflection entries since by now everyone has gotten to know each other better and therefore have learned to respect each others\' voices. The reflection prompt today was that it is OK to express negative emotions. However, the first step for making positive changes requires a leader to put a positive \"spin\" when describing any negative situations.

The result was incredible. Today almost no student was bashing or complaining about their \"misery.\" Positive thinking and perspective have started to develop and it is contagious. Although we still have a way to go in terms of the \"depth\" of the reflection content, the students have made great progress, and in time we will get better. Punctuality is also emphasized, as all the students who came late to reflection will face some consequences. In today\'s case it was pushups for a group of boys.
All of today\'s activities has made everyone very tired, and will probably go a long way into helping everyone adjust to Beijing time zone since everyone will fall asleep easily tonight.


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