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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2012-06-07

Dear Parents,

Only two weeks are left before we meet in Beijing! There will be 24 rnstudents in this year's program. Here are a few items in this rnannouncement:
rn1) Supplementary Registration
rnrn2) Essay
rn3) Orientation
rnrn4) Contact information in Beijing on June 25th
rn5) Packing List

rn1) Supplementary Registration. The parents for the following students need to submit the Supplementary Registration. The deadline was May 31. Your cooperation would be greatly appreciated.

Wang, Yihai
Wang, Dennis
Wang, Karen
Chen, Jamie
Wong, Evita
Tai, Tatum
Tai, Remy
Sham, Frances
Tang, Serena
Tang, Seehanah
Huang, Alice
Huang, Eileen
Zhao, Leo

Please go to www.yinghuasummer.org
and click "Register Now!" again to enter the supplementary information, which includes your child's travel, medical, and passport/visa information.
Pleasern sign in. Ifrn you have not set your password, it should be your zip code. If yourrn zip code does not work, click "Forgot your password?" under the "Sign In" button.
rnrnOn the next screen, select "Enter Now" under "Supplementary Registration."
rnrnPleasern fill in the information as much as possible, especially the passport/visa and medical information. We usually can open up the database while in the rnhospital and share your child's medical information with the doctor. rnYou can always come back to this page to update the information.
rnrnTowardsrn the end of the screen, there is a hot-link "Release of Liability" rnlinking to the "Assumption of Risk and Release of Liability" and "Medical Authorization, Release and Waiver" documents. Please read rnthese documents carefully, sign them, and mail them to me by June 22 (preferably by emailing the scanned image).
rnrn2)rn Essay. We have received quite a few essays. Thank you!

Please ask your child to email an essay of 100 words or more (in rnEnglish or Chinese) to yib@yinghua.org by June 8. The subject should be a) why I wanted to go to this summer program, and b) why I should be rnaccepted by the program. This essay is required. Deadline June 8.
rnrnThisrn is a very important assignment to help students reflect on the purpose rnof this trip and the qualities in themselves that would make this rnprogram a successful one. Please give your child this assignment at yourrn earliest convenience.
rn3) Orientation. We will hold an orientation on Saturday June 9 at the cafeteria of Princetel, Inc. - 2560 E State ST EXT, Hamilton NJ 08619 (http://princetel.com/contact.asp) - from 2 to 4 rnp.m. This is NOT a required event, but for rnthose who can come, this orientation can be an opportunity for you to rnget your remaining questions answered and meet a couple of other parentsrn and students. Please RSVP to this email by Friday June 8.
rnWe can also open a conference call line from 2 to 4 p.m. on rnSaturday June 9: Dial: 605.475.4333 Access Code: 774228#. Please RSVP torn this email by Friday June 8 if you would like to dial in. The sound quality may not be good. I can be reached by my cell phone 609.575.2187.
rnPlease feel free to email me any questions you rnmay have. You may find the answers to most of your questions at www.yinghuasummer.org .

rn4) Contact on June 25. If you are going to drop off your child at the Yong An Hotel, please contact 13611221288 (Wang Laoshi). If your child will be traveling alone, we will meet him/her at the Beijing airport on June 25th based on the information in the Supplementary Registration. Please give him/her this contact just in case: 13910906679.

We will be staying at Yong An Hotel and will email you daily announcements.
rn5) Packing List. This can be found at www.yinghuasummer.org under FAQs (#5). It is included here for your convenience. Please keep in mind that NO cell phone will be allowed. In the past, we have flip-floped on this and concluded that any frequent contact with parents did not help students enjoy their unique experience at YiB. The usage of cell phone could make the student making the call as well as other students more "home-sick" prone and less engaged at times. Students will have limited time to send parents email a couple times a week. You can also call them at the phone in their rooms. I will send the phone/room numbers to you on the second day of our arrival.

Please let me know should you have any questions.


Summers are HOT in Beijing, so t-shirts and shorts are sufficient for rnoutings. You may also want to pack a light jacket or sweater for rnlayering. Students can use a reasonable laundry service. Do prepare rnenough changing clothes for one full week.

rnOne photo for park ID (school photo is OK, 1" diag.) rn

rnrnOne personal journal book. For 6th graders and older, the book must be rnlined. You can choose a style you'd like to write on three times a weekrn and not too heavy (but at least has 70 sheets). For 5th graders and rnyounger, the book should be blank on which you can draw and write one orrn two sentences.

rnrnPencils, eraser, and pens.rn

rnHand sanitizer in small bottle(s) plus one large refill bottle (enough for your own child to use)

rnrnT shirts
rnlong pants (1 pair - MUST have for visiting a Muslim mosque)
rnsneakers (hiking boots optional for the 4th week)
rnsweatshirt or light jacket
rnsmall clock or watch with alarm
rnbathroom kit: toothbrush/paste, comb, shampoo, soap, bath towel, bath rnrobe (optional), slippers (no carpet in the room), nail clipper.
rnswimming suit
rnbug repellent
rnwater bottle (with strap for outing and hiking)
rnsun hat or visor
rnChinese magazines & books including textbooks your child would like to study rn


rnrnlinen or sleeping bag if your child has a tendency to become allergic to different detergents

rnrnany items that may make your child feel like at home

rnrnDO NOT bring excessive luggage. Generally one large suitcase, one rncarry-on, and a backpack should be adequate. The airline would charge a rnlot for overweight luggage

rnincluding anything that are not allowed in regular schools
rnNO FLIP-FLOPs as street shoes (flip-flops are OK in the dorm as slippers)rn

rnrnGame Boys or other electronic game players
rnCD players, laptops, or other expensive electronic equipment
rnCell phones, smart phones, MP3 players
rnvaluables (e.g., expensive jewelry, excessive amount of cash)
rnclothes that have to be dry-cleaned
rnany non-Chinese books
rnbooks or magazines with inappropriate contents including erotic, rnanti-Communist, or any other materials banned by the Chinese government rn(e.g., propaganda for Fa Lun Gong).

rnThere will be opportunities for the students to do a little shopping on rnouting trips. Students may want to purchase souvenirs, postcards, etc. rnCertain optional services and activities such as private tutor need to rnbe paid by students. Recommended amount: $5-$50 a week

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