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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-06-29

Dear Parents,

We were on campus to learn and to relax for a day.

The teacher in A class, Tang1 Laoshi, is also a creative teacher. She is teaching 7 students: Dave, Ryan, Sophia, JoAnne, Annie, Detorea, and Mickee. She has been focusing on the basics. I hope the students can have a good start in learning Chinese so that they may continue

The teacher in B class, Yang2 Laoshi, is also our caretaker teacher. She has got 9 students in her class. She\'s giving differentiated instructions to students of two levels. They went through part of the session together. Then Amy, Sonia, and Matt would listen to \"The Journey to The West,\" while Tia, Lisa, James, Ben, Tristan, and Darren would receive continued instructions on building new vocabulary and reading comprehension.

The teacher in C class, Wang1 Laoshi, collected his students\' first Chinese essay and is reviewing them now. He has prepared a lot of material for the 3-hour session. Listening to \"The Romance of Three Kingdom\" took about an hour. He filled the rest of the time with reading materials and other intensive contents. There are 7 students in this class: Melissa, Brandon, Jessica, MingMing, LinLin, Chauncey, and Shannon,

At every reflection in the evenings, I\'ve always given the students five minutes to write and then ask for volunteers to share their writing. Then everyone got to share in a counter-clock order. For several times now, Lisa has been the first one offering her sharing, which shows a great deal of interest in this process.

Oh, our breakfast is second to none. There are about 55-60 items to choose from - not counting the different kinds of Beijing \"pickles\" and the different types of breads available.

We are going to start a more individualized approach to coach those students whose parents wish us to do so. Please write to yib@yinghua.org with something about your child and your expectations regarding their leadership and personal development.

From Robert Zhang -

7:00AM Since it was raining in the morning, instead of running at the park, we did Guang Bo Ti Chao on the first floor of the hotel building, or a Chinese morning exercise routine known by millions of Chinese. It is usually played on the radio. Guang Bo Ti Chao encompasses a lot of full-body movement exercises that do not require the person to move from one place. When done correctly it should look very synchronized.

8:45AM: Today was another class day. C class is reading The Romance of the Three Kingdoms, B class is reading The Journey to West, A class is not reading any specific Chinese story but instead basic Chinese.

1:30PM: We had Chinese Painting class today. Using the same materials as in the calligraphy class, the students learned how Chinese painters manipulated the brush stroke and the concentration of ink in the brush to produce many beautiful paintings. Shannon helped to translate the information session because the teacher was mostly fluent in Chinese which was very good. The students experimented with all the different types of painting techniques that were taught to draw donkeys among other things.  

At 3:00PM, we had our first wu-shu class, or Chinese martial arts.  A Master came in to teach the students an 12 step martial arts form. Then the students practiced and then played a fun hot potato style game in order to choose one person to perform the form in the middle of the circle. Later, the game allowed students to perform anything they wanted, such as a song or push-ups. The Master then expanded the form up to 18 steps, and the class ended for the day.

At 4:45PM, the students looked up information on Tiananmen Square, the Forbidden City, and National Performing Center in preparation for our trip tomorrow.

8:00 PM: At reflection, here were the notes I took of some of the students:

Detorea enjoyed drawing the donkey at art class, and Sophia was used to it because she took drawing classes in Hong Kong.
James enjoyed drawing as well, and learned \"The Entertainer\" on guitar today by Scott Joplin, from Matt, for whom he is thankful for.
JoAnne was happy that we had dinner at the hotel\'s dining room.
Dave and Jessica felt that today went by very quickly.
Ben is happy about being in the A.5 class, where he feels appropriately placed. The A.5 class is a sub-class that is between A and B. James helped to suggest the idea for this class. Currently there are six students.
Many students said they enjoyed kung fu and painting.
Tia tried to slow down her reflection reading today because usually she reads very quickly
Tristan was happy he had been moved to A.5 class even though he is \"the worst\" in A.5 instead of the best in A. He wanted to make a lot of effort. He expressed that he is feeling a little sick, but hopes that it will go away quickly.

Afterwards Ben, James, and Matt played guitar for the group. All three were very amazing performers and the students were all treated to a very special performance.

Tomorrow we will be taking a long field trip so Bonnie highlighted the importance of doing their homework tonight because tomorrow we will have no time to.


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