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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-06-29

Dear Parents,

Today has been a long field trip day filled with a variety of activities.

It\'s the first time we went to the city\'s downtown area. See our report below.

On a different note, we need more people joining us during the fifth week. Currently we have 7 people going to Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwestern of China. We would love to have more people joining us - parents or students. It\'s going to be $1,500 per person as the latest quote in the attachment reflects a very high fuel cost increase. I have also insisted not to be considered a \"shopping\" group, which they would drag to specialty stores to earn kick-backs in order to keep the cost of the tour cheaper. It is an expensive trip, but everyone who has been to Xinjiang thought it\'s worth the trip.

Some of you have asked about joining us. Please do consider it. Sorry the attached file is in Chinese. Should you not be able to read Chinese and would like to ask questions, please let me know. The tour itself will be bilingual.


From Robert & Bonnie

9:00 Today was a busy field trip day. We visited the National Centre for the Performing Arts (NCPA, or The Egg) for an hour, Tiananmen Square, Tiananmen Gate (30 minutes), and the Forbidden City (2 hours) where we took group photos and learned facts about all the sites. The students answered questions about each historical loction in their \"How Much do You Know About Beijing\" quiz book, which will be handed in by the end of the program. Tiananmen Square is the largest public square in the world and the Forbidden City housed the Imperial Family and other officials until the end of Chinese dynastic rule in 1925.

16:30 We then visited a Chinese Silk factory where we got to see the life cycle of a silk worm and the different kinds of silk it made during each process. Then we shopped in the factory\'s store which had many silk products such as paintings, trinkets, clothes, and bed sheets. Many students bought silk boxers and gifts for their relatives and friends.

18:00 We had dinner at a restaurant serving Beijing cuisine. In addition to several tasty yet a bit greasy dishes, we had zha-jiang-mian (noodles with special zha-jiang source).

19:30 We watched Beijing Opera performances. Several tired students fell alseep, but those who did not got to witness two amazing performances. The first performance was about a concubine commited suicide for her king, so that he would not be distracted by her in the imminent battle for the kingdom against invaders (Farewell My Concubine). The second performance was a tale from the classic \"Journey to the West\", where Sun-Wu Kong steals his Magical Staff from the underwater kingdom. It was filled with many amazing acrobatic feats. We also got to see the King (Xiang4-Yu3) put on his full-face painting make-up before the performance in the waiting area.

There was no group reflection tonight due to the long day (we got home at 21:20), and tomorrow there will be class. I hope everyone tried to do their homework yesterday as Bonnie suggested, as tonight I\'m sure most students will be ready to pass out as soon as they reach their rooms.

Robert & Bonnie

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