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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2012-06-29

Dear Parents,

Today we had a day of classes and activities near the hotel. In the morning, it was raining again, so we stayed in the hotel and finished learning the remaining 6 of the 8 movements of the radio gymnastics. Then, the students had classes, with the A class split into two groups—those with little or no Chinese knowledge and those who could speak and understand more or less fluently but can’t read or write—while the B and C classes continued with a series of learning activities as well as listening to the stories from Xi1 You2 Ji4  (Journey to the West) and Shui3 Hu3 (Outlaws of the Marsh).

In the afternoon, we had a class on Chinese painting. We learned about the different subjects of the paintings (figure, landscape, flowers and birds) and the different styles of painting (impressionistic and meticulous). We studied impressionistic style, with the students drawing bamboo and mei hua in only a few strokes. Several students actually produced something close to what the teacher did!

They then went to learn kung fu from Duan LaoShi. They looked quite good. Dinner was noodles with various flavors, which the students all liked. Tomorrow we will go to Tian An Men Square and the National Opera House in the morning and the Forbidden city in the afternoon and eat zha2 jiang4 mian4 for dinner.

Student Reflection:

Seehanah: She enjoyed the kung fu and thought it was funny that the girls did better than the boys.

Alice: At the Chinese painting class, she messed up and wanted to start over but decided to continue on because there was not enough paper.

Natalie: Painting was fun but kind of hard, and she had to get the teacher’s help a lot. The bamboo and flowers turned out very well when drawn well.

Rebecca: Today while researching the Forbidden City, saw some fuzz on her notebook. Realized it was a dead mosquito and started screaming. Generalizing, she thought that things are not always what they seem.

Jamie: The research was interesting and the painting was fun.

Remy: Today was fun. He ate lots of cucumber at lunch. His bamboo looked weird and he saw rainbows on the ground. He misses ice cream.

Justin: The Chinese painting was actually easier than he thought it would be. Squat toilets made going to the bathroom difficult at the restaurant.

Today Eileen, Evita, Dennis, Sarah, Seehanah, Alice, Serena, Natalie, Julia, Narendra, Rebecca offered to share their reflection before the rest of the kids were being called upon.

Rachel & Bonnie


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