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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-06-29

Dear Parents,

From Robert Zhang -

We started today with the morning exercise!

Then we left at 9 a.m. to visit the China Science & Technology Museum. It is a huge building with 4 stories and many different exhibits. The students explored around for two hours inside the building. Some exhibitions were: The Glory of China, which details ancient Chinese inventions in science, Modern Mechanics, Household Technology, Space Science, the Human Body, among others.

Afterwards, we arrived at a Hutong, or an older preserved part of Beijing, which the students researched yesterday. We ate lunch there, and we then were treated to listen to the stories of a very emphatic and famous Cricket Trainer. He spoke in a low, rumbling voice that was very charismatic, and pulled in all the listeners. He explained the gambling world of cricket fighting, and all the tools and techniques he uses to train strong crickets. He showed his skill as a trainer by showing the obedience of his crickets by making them \"wave hello\" to us. They also never jumped out from where he placed them.

We then rode rickshaws to the Drum Tower, a high tower with 72 steps where we witnessed a drum performance at the top. Then, we visited a Si He Yuan (quadrangle), or literally a 4 Peace Residence, which is a garden closed off by 4 buildings. This is considered a single property.  It was owned by a Beijing native who opens it to the public because it has great historical value. We learned that this kind of house was the standard living condition in Beijing before the introduction of high-rises. We also learned each face of the house represented a different element and therefore a different person was supposed to live there. Based on the classical Chinese Elemental system, the middle garden was in accordance with Earth (because of the plants), the daughter was supposed to live on the Metal side (because she is precious \"Qian-Jin\"), Visitors live on the Fire side (hospitality), Owners live on the Water side (prosperity) and sons live on the Wood side (usefulness to society, strength).

Then we went to an \"inner-painter\'s\" house. This is kind of painting is done on the inside of round shaped bottles mostly made of artificial quartz with a small hole on the top, and requires at least 5 years of practice to even acquire the basic skill to do it. The painter needs to paint with a special kind of brush that is very thin and hooks at a 90 degree angle at the end to reach the inside walls of the glass. Everyone was given a chance to try. Everyone realized how amazing it was that there were glasses with such intricate paintings in it for sale that the painter had made. Many people bought gifts for family there.

Before dinner, we visited an acrobatics show. There was Chinese yo-yo, flexibility and strength performances, hoop-jumping, mask changing, hat-tricks, and finally, a huge hollow sphere was brought out on to the stage. Amazingly, one by one, 5 motorcyclists eventually made their way inside the cage which could barely fit all of them and drove around inside the cage walls in 360 degrees in many different patterns. Everyone was very nervous and excited for this last part. Thankfully, no one got hurt, and we left the theater to eat Peking Duck.

We arrived at Yong An after 9 p.m. Tomorrow, Bonnie has not scheduled any morning exercise due to the long day.


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