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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2012-06-30

Dear Parents,

This will be quite brief, since we've all had a long day and didn't get back from the Beijing opera show until after 10 p.m. due to the traffic jam caused by an accident.

Today, we spent an hour at the Beijing National Center for the Performing Arts, a modern building designed by the French, before heading to Tian An Men Square. The heat was pretty stifling in the sun, so Bonnie allowed the students to have an ice cream before we climbed the Tiananmen Gate (Cheng2 Lou2).

After lunch, we headed to the Forbidden City, and walked through many halls and gates that the students researched yesterday. Another ice cream at the Imperial Gargen, the north end of the Forbidden Cidy,was the incentive for the students to move along and use their "yellow-covered" "How much do you know Beijing?" trivia book to keep them engaged in the visiting sites.

After leaving the Forbidden City, we went to a silk factory. We learned many facts about the production of silk (i.e. each cocoon can produce 1 km worth of silk). The students had a chance to experience how to make a silk quilt. They also bought some silk products.

The dinner was at the famous Beijing Old "Zha2 Jiang4 Mian4" (noodles with special sauce) restaurant. We couldn't finish all the dishes as there were 8 dishes besides the noodles. We took a walk to the theater 10 minutes away.

We watched four famous classic Beijing opera "zhe2 zi xi4" (excerpts) - "ba4 wang2 bie2 ji1" (Farewell My Concubine), "san1 cha4 kou3" (Divergence), "si4 lang2 tan4 mu3" (The Fourth Son Visits his Mother), "gui4 fei1 zui4 jiu3" (The Drunken Beauty). They were fun. The students' favorite is the second one, a humorous one in which two people were fighting each other "in the dark" and kept missing each other.

There was no formal reflection this evening, though Bonnie encouraged students to reflect on their own. Thanks to Karen and Narendra for their suggestions-- Karen suggested they take some of their eating choices in the own hands by ordering some meals at the hotel themselves, and Narendra asked if it would be possible to watch the European Cup. (You can guess the answer, which is why I am still up! - Bonnie) Only four "crazy" older boys will watch it.

Rachel & Bonnie

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