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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Luo,Lifeng on 2008-07-02

Dear Parents,

Attached is the newest version of the schedule. It's still subject to change.

Everything changes frequently here. Some are desirable; some are not.
Most are out of our control. Being part of the Olympics prelude has
brought this year's YiB both benefits and inconvenience. There is much
lighter traffic, tighter security, less crowded parks and museums. On
the other hand, we are in the midst of an incredible inflation -
partially caused by the Olympics and partially caused by the global
food and oil price increase. Besides, many services provided by
private entities, such as on-campus laundry service, have been closed
down temporarily awaiting for the Olympics, which is still more than a
month away.

Even the Foreign Student Apartment Building that we were going to stay
originally (200 yuan for two students per night) has been closed down
for business because of its proximity to the aquatic stadium on
campus, which has been honorably chosen by the government as one of
the Olympic stadiums. As a result, Pan Laoshi of Yanjing has settled
us down at the University's Conference Center - a hotel charging 320
yuan for two beds per night.

As a result, the computer center has been closed down so we can only
use the three PCs in Yanjing's office on campus. The cafeteria is
closing down so we have been having two meals a day in a nice private
room at a campus restaurant near where we live. However, this campus
restaurant is also asked to be closed down so we will dine in an even
more expensive restaurant at the Conference Center.

Yes, we end up receiving much better room and food services, but all
has come with a huge price hike - 42.6% comparing to last year
(including the inflated cost for sightseeing and renting a bus).

Nonetheless, we are here trying all we can to ensure your children
will have a memorable, wonderful experience. We will worry about the
money later and will ask for your voluntary help when the time comes.
So beware. :) The kids love all the pampering they are receiving!!

Gong Laoshi has been doing the laundry for the kids one room at a time
using a washing machine. Students have learned how to hang-dry their

 OK, today we learned one more part of the guang bo ti cao. Connie and
Andrew were praised by the teacher and Shannon, Lionel, and Andrew
have been appointed as tomorrow's lead persons.

We played "doge sandbag " by throwing a small sandbag at the members
of the other team to get them out of the game - like the "doge ball."
It was quite a workout. There were quite a few good throwers. Andrew
in particular has mastered the skill of "aiming" at one person but
hitting the other unwary person. Very impressive!

Our first language class started today. Wang Laoshi has prepared five
activities for the more advanced class: writing down their first
impression of this trip, learning a piece of reading material and the
word list, three Chinese cheng2 yu3, watching/discussing video clips
from a popular Chinese sit-com, and listening to/reading/discussing
stories from "shui hu" - one of the four Chinese classics. There are
32 sections. The class covered 2 sections and will cover 3 per day
from now on.

Li Laoshi also prepared differentiated instructions to the 7 students
in her class. Max was most noticeable for his dedication in learning
new characters. He's only 8 years old but is ready to put hard work
into learning Chinese. He asked to listen to "Shui Hu" and we have
made an exception to accommodate his needs. He now can listen to the
stories on a PC reading the stories displayed in traditional

Samuel works very hard carrying a French-Chinese dictionary with him
all the time. Arnold and Andre have joint the more advanced class to
listen to the stories from shui-hu while attending the more basic
class with Li Laoshi to catch up on their more basic skills. Andre was
following the reading intensely with great interest and could answer
most of the questions.

In the afternoon, we learned a new Chinese song - "zhen1 xin1 ying1
xiong2". Andrew and Andre asked the class to quietly listen to the
recording of the song so that they could learn it better. Very serious
and interested students!

At around 4 p.m., the boys went for the basketball field while the
girls played cards and chat.

Some boys started messing other kids' rooms so I established a new
rule for this week - no boy is allowed to enter another boy's room
this week. Most of the kids were still recovering from the jet-lag and
the basketball workout. If you cannot get your child when calling
their rooms, you can try my room 6803 or 6811(Gong Laoshi). In some
cases, the kids had gone to sleep so deep that they could not hear the
phone ring!! For the most part, the best time to call is after dinner.

Arnold has switched room with Jack.

Forgive me for all the grammatic errors and typos as I'm not spending
much time proof-reading what I've written. There's a typo in
yesterday's email - They are NOT allowed to buy soft drinks and snack

Today everybody got the Traveler's Accident insurance.

So much for now. Thank you for your encouragement and kind words! I
will keep writing as I know you'd like to know EVERYTHING!!!

Take care,

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