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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Announcement

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by Director on 0000-00-00

Dear YiB Honors Parents,
Your children have arrived at Limai and have started their unique experience in an environment that is so different from the one they have grown accustomed to in the U.S.
Needless to say they need your support especially during the first a couple of weeks.
Wang laoshi has been on campus since Feb. 18 daily to give the best possible care to your children. On Feb. 18, she even spent the night at the school¡¯s guesthouse to accompany the two early-arrived students.
On Feb. 19, five of the YiB students reported to the school and one on Feb. 20. I found out that Wang laoshi was still at school until late at night on Feb. 20. She has done a superb job in making sure that these students will be well taken care of ¨C receiving special attention if necessary, at least at the beginning.
Fortunately, we do have two ¡°veteran¡± YiB Honors students, who have studies at Limai for one semester before (one last semester and one a year ago). They, especially Rachel, have been the eyes and ears for Wang laoshi while she¡¯s not there.
For instance, one of the students did not eat any breakfast, Rachel immediately called Wang laoshi so that Wang laoshi bought fruits to the school and gave her a special breakfast, which she liked. The school will start offering some fruits at the breakfast time as a result.
In another case, Wang laoshi learned that one of the students was having a hard time adjusting to the new life immediately, but she likes dancing. So Wang laoshi persuade the school to start the dancing lesson DAILY starting on the FIRST DAY of school, which had never been done before. (The regular dancing lesson wouldn¡¯t start until a week from the coming Wednesday and it¡¯s only once a week.) As a result, this student had started to feel better and even led game playing with other students in the class.
Even for our older students, there have been some expected challenges. One student cried because she couldn¡¯t understand the math class despite her excellent Chinese proficiency and missed home. Wang laoshi has made special arrangement for her mom to call and the student is smiling now.
Please keep in mind that everything in China takes time. Your child may not start writing to you through email in a few days. Their piano lessons won¡¯t start in a couple of weeks. Whenever someone adds an entry to the Online Journal, you will receive a notice from now on with instructions on how to check it online.
During the first week, you can call your child as many times as needed. After that, it would be the best if you could limit your call to your child to once or twice a week. After the first two weeks, only once a week. This is not to say that you HAVE to call your child this many times. Children are all different. In general, if we hear anything needs your attention, we will notify you promptly. Otherwise, ¡°no news is good news.¡±
I am confident that this group of students will have an unforgettable experience at Limai thanks to your support and Wang laoshi¡¯s tender loving care!
When your child complains to you about anything (the food, the hard beds, the toilets, the classes, etc.), please do not rush to lecture him/her and criticize him/her for thinking this way. Please listen and ask for details and ACHKOWLEDGE that you do understand what he/she is going through. If possible, tell her the closest experience you had that drove you crazy to show that you do understand and care. In most cases, the children only want you to understand what they are going through.
As days going by, they will feel better than the day before. Your children are strong and courageous! Let them see themselves in that light. They will figure out how to cope with the new environment in a few weeks.
If you have any special concerns, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me. Email is the most effective way to contact me ¨C even just to ask me to call you.
Be cool and be patient. Be rest assured that your children are now in good hands, who are experienced in dealing with similar students.
If possible, please do not contact Wang laoshi directly as she has a lot on her mind. Contact me and I will communicate with her effectively by providing my recommendations.
We have made the first step! Thank you for your support!

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