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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-08-03

Dear Parents,

This may be the final note for YiB2011, but the impact of YiB2011 may have just begins. Please read this year\'s students\' final reflection below. It is a MUST READ.

I wanted to thank you for entrusting us with your wonderful children. It has been a rewarding experience that words could not fully describe.

1) This summer program is meant to exposure your child to many new ideas and perspectives. I have warned the kids of \"slipping back to their old-selves\" right away. Please make sure that you support your child at home using the \"vocabulary/concepts\" and expressions they have become familiar with during this program. If necessary, please re-read all the daily announcements at http://bit.ly/yinghua2011 -

the 10 attributes from IB\'s Learner\'s Profile (see Lisa\'s reflection below for a complete list), EQ (emotional intelligence), empathy, \"platinum rule,\" purpose, determination, self-discipline, ambitious, \"look beyond horizon,\" savings, respect the elders, fix and growth mindsets, multiple intelligence, circle of influence, circle of concerns, \"leadership is the ability to influence others\' behaviors towards the group\'s goal through personal character and integrity,\" direct/indirect control, \"suck it up happily - yue4 na4,\" reflection (three times a day according to Confucius), appreciation and gratitude (\"I complained about having no shoes until I met a man having no feet\"), \"do not waste food as Guang Ai students only have man-tou and porridge for breakfast,\" positive peer-pressure, being principled, honesty vs loyalty, table manners, \"I\'ll leave first, please continue your meal slowly.\"  ...

During the fifth week when we traveled to northern Xinjiang for an exciting cultural experience, the kids developed the Guang Ai school\'s name into a verb meaning to finish the dish on a plate. In the end, even the travel agent, Joy and her husband, would say, \"Let me \'guang-ai\' this plate!\" The kids would often \"guang-ai\" all the veggie plates and stack them up to signify their appreciation for the food they had and being mindful not to be wasteful. Create opportunities at home to practice/enhance their learning! Your support would make a big difference!

2) Should your child need a certificate for any \"community-service hours,\" please email me with the subject \"YiB2011 Community Service Hours.\" Please send me the required forms or I will send you a letter in the YingHua letterhead pdf. For those who were in the \"leadership group\" in the last week, they may request for \"leadership-service hours\" the same way. The total hours on the certificate will be 20.

3) If you would like to discuss with me about your child\'s performance, please feel free to reach out to me and we can schedule a phone conversation.

There is one sensitive issue. There were a couple of kids (and maybe more) feeling compelled to lie even for issues that we adults would consider \"no big deal.\" I have found that it\'s extremely important to \"catch\" them lying at this age. If left uncaught, one could develop this into a habitual behavior feeling justifiable to lie easily as an adult. I wanted to use these \"teachable moments\" to reinforce the value of honesty and to prepare them mentally and emotionally to deal with challenging situations where being a principled person and being honest might be easier said-than-done.

Please assure your child that you would always want the truth not the cover-up - no matter how wrong or embarrassed or scared they felt about their actions. (You may need to adjust your \"reaction\" when you learn the truth!) If you would like to discuss this with your child further, please then ask, \"Were there situations in this camp which made it hard for you to tell the truth?\" A thoughtful question like this should open the door for deeper communications. As a preventative measure, I did teach the kids that they should say nothing, rather than saying things that are false, if they were not ready to tell the truth in difficult situations.

4) We may want to schedule local reunions. If we could schedule them between 6 to 8:30 p.m., there would be overlapping time for the kids at the two coasts to shout at each other over the phone .. Just something to think about ...

5) I would like to recommend the students who are going into Grades 4 to 8 to consider spending five months at Beijing New Talent School (formerly called Limai) in Spring 2012 as part of the YiB Honors Program (~$6,000). Over the past 7 years, we have sent dozens students to study there and the experience has been considered to be \"life-changing\" for some ... Here is a letter from a former YiB Honors student.

\"Bonnie! Long time no contact. (I\'m not sure if I count last summer in China, as I really didn\'t get a chance to talk to you.)

First of all, I just wanted to let you know that I graduated high school (as valedictorian) yesterday, and I plan to go to the University of Chicago next year. I\'m extremely excited for college, and I think that UChicago will be a great fit for me.

Today, while browsing the web, I somehow came across the YingHua in Beijing Honors journal. ... I wanted to let you know that my time at Limai has affected me to this day-- contributing to my work ethic, problem-solving abilities, and interactions with others, adults and peers. In addition, I can\'t help but be amazed by how much I\'ve grown, but also how amazing I really seemed to be as a 12 year old in a foreign country. So thanks for half-coercing us to write in those online journals-- they\'re the only way that I have some (stilted, yes. Who knew I cared about grades soooo much back then?) record of that year at Limai.\"

My kids went to the program when they were 10 and 8.5 years old and they went in the 4th, 5th, and 7th grades - three times.

Please talk to me about if should you need more information!


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