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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Luo,Lifeng on 2008-07-22

Dear Parents,


We're enjoying our time here at Survival Island.


Last night, we met for an hour with the 18 Chinese kids and had two activities with Mr. Glenn.


We played a game with large-size poker cards. Each person held a card and lined up by the order of the card's sequence in either diamond or club. This game sounds easy, but we played it in three ways. First, kids could see their own cards and can communicate with each other (telling each other where to go). Second, kids could see their cards but cannot talk with each other. So they had to rely on body language to communicate. The third time when the game was played, each person cannot see his/her own card and had to hold it up in their forehead. They could not talk. It took awhile for them to line up because neither team had a leader who could realize that he could help others to all line up and finally find his own place. Nonetheless eventually the kids all lined up properly so we debriefed the experience in terms of leadership.


A good leader needs to be able to Listen, Focused, and Sharing/Communicating. Mr. Glenn asked each kid to write an essay or draw a picture of an experience in which he'd need to remain focused in order to succeed.


It's interesting to see how the Chinese kids had never given any assignment like this before so they were very confused or uncomfortable with the seemingly less-structured assignment. It's obvious that the YingHua kids felt at home with this kind of activity.


Then the kids were asked to share their experience with a student from the other camp (YingHua student would find someone from the DongDong group). What we've learned later was that even though the kids could share their experience with their partners, it did not mean the other person could appreciate or comprehend it because of the missing cultural background. We will try to see if we would be able to address any of these later.


The light's out at 10 p.m. The kids got up at 7 a.m. and had breakfast at 7:30 a.m.


 Today was a full day of fun-filled activities focusing on team work and leadership experience. Too little time to report.
More tomorrow.
The kids enjoy here though the living condition is not as good as the USTB. Hey, it's "Survival Island". It's better than they were afraid of .


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