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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Bonnie on 2003-10-20

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for sharing your experience at Limai with us! It is encouraging for us to see you are settling down and learning to deal with the people around you.
We are very interested in learning about your accomplishments, surprises, discoveries, and joy, as well as your struggles, disappointments, confusion, and sadness.
We feel that we can learn the most from you when you put your thoughts together and expressed them more like in a short essay and less like speaking to another person - unless what you said to that person has some general meanings to the other readers. There have been several good examples.
Although you can write about any experience positive or negative, the words you choose to use in your journal DO reflect you as a person - your maturity, your thoughtfulness, and your characters. It is your choice what kind of image you want to portrait.
Limai is a unique place for you to grow. It is safe and secure and has many resources (such as your teachers) for you to get help. However, just like in a real world, there can be people you like as well as people you do not like.
At times you may feel struggling with your own emotions in dealing with the others and with your study. It is through these struggles that you become more mature and self-confident. For every challenge you run into, ask yourself, What can I do about it?
It is very hard to expect other people to change their attitudes towards you. At best you can influence their attitude directly or indirectly. For instance, you can say thank you or sorry to let other people know how you feel about what they have done for you or what you have done to them. Nevertheless the only person you can expect to change is yourself - your behaviors and your attitude.
If we can all become better ourselves, our life will all become better.
Best wishes,

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