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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-07-03

Dear Parents,

It was raining this morning. We got up on time and did the guang-bo-ti-cao in the hotel lobby. Matt and Ryan were disappointed the rain washed out their plan to have a 2-mile race. Well there will not be another morning exercise for two more days because we are going to the Great Wall tomorrow.

Today we had classes on campus again and later at 13:30, we learned some basic information on the Chinese dynasties. Shannon taught us a rhyme for all the major dynasties (in our red fieldtrip book). Bonnie led the students to connect the dynasties with the field-trips we have had. The Yuan, Ming, Qing dynasties were setting up its capital in Beijing. We are going to visit the Ming Great Wall tomorrow.

14:30 we went to the postoffice to send postcards to friends and families.

15:00 we went to the famous Beijing Water-Cube. The boys were astonished to see that in China, being naked in the locker room is the norm. We all swam in the warm-up pool inside the water-cube and the students played a lot of games in the water.

17:30 we left for dinner to a very nice restaurant. We had the restaurant\'s best known dish: dong1-po1-zhou3 zi (pork shoulder favored by Su Dong-po, a famous poet from the Song dynasty).

20:00 group reflection.

Here are some notes I took of the students\' reflections:

Mickee – Today she worked on a list of things she wanted to do before leaving camp. Mickee hopes that Amy will be feeling better because she is homesick as well.

Jessica – Feels a lot of pressure to run faster in the morning because she found out sometimes the order gets e-mailed back to the parents. (Bonnie \"reassured\" her that she\'s not been doing it ..)

Mellisa – Enjoyed exploring the water-cube and found out there was much more Chinese history than she thought. She felt today\'s Chinese class was more manageable after Bonnie talked to the teacher.

Sonia – Looking forward to the fourth week and is grateful that she is even here at the camp.

MingMing – Wants to thank Liao Laoshi for setting up this camp and providing so many great experiences that she has helped to create.

Shannon – Talked about the large difference between the economic strata in China reflected in the drastic dichotomy between slums/cities, qualities of bathrooms, etc.

Annie – Thought it was nice to that the teachers took her to the post-office.

Detorea – 17/20 and is proud on quiz because she studied a lot. Felt that the water cube was a lot of fun playing with Annie.

Tristan – Is amazed that he has been in the same pool as Michael Phelps.

Sophia – Is beginning to see things more clearly in class and got a 19/20 on dictation because she studied hard. Had fun in the water-cube. Dinner was delicious even though she could not find a lot of vegetables.

Ryan – Hoped to run 2 miles this morning, and thought the water-cube was a lot of fun.

Matthew - Water-cube was amazing because Olympic games took place there. Was disappointed that he could not run 2 miles today with Ryan.

James – Changing rooms were awkward. Thanks Mingming for helping him study. Thanks Shannon for helping him treat others the way they want to be treated and got 100% on the test today.

Chauncey – Thinks he should keep studying for tests and thanks Zhong Laoshi for doing all her work for the camp.

Ben – Grateful that he got to experience swimming in the water-cube because it is a once in a lifetime experience.

Dave – Thankful for being able to send postcards to family because he has not talked to them in a week. Realized that sometimes people are hypocrites for what they want when they don\'t give the same things to others.

Darren – Brandon helped him get a bowl of noodles this morning because Brandon could speak Chinese (!) and is thankful. Thought the Chinese medicine he took yesterday made him feel worse.

Brandon – Thanks Darren for giving his waterbottle when he forgot it somewhere.

Lisa – Lost her camera this morning but found her camera behind a whiteboard and learned not to throw things around.

Amy – When she was homesick today she wanted to thank the people that helped me which are her roommates.

LinLin – Sonia offered to fill his water. Robert lending tiger balm. Shannon helping her during class. Thought these little good deeds are what make the world go around!

Tia – Thanks everyone in her group to buy the postcards because they only came in packs of 8.

Joanne – Didn\'t go swimming today and thinks that things they sell there are too pricey. She wants a post card to write to her Dad. (Matt offered his \"collection\" of the postcards to Joanne).

Robert & Bonnie

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