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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Luo,Lifeng on 2008-07-05

Dear Parents,
Hope you're enjoying the long weekend!
Today we didn't do morning exercises and started the breakfast at 7 a.m. We left at 8:15 a.m. and arraived at about 9:30 a.m. to visit the Memorial Museum of Tunnel Warfare Sites at Jiaozhuanghu Village  (http://www.luopan.com/t/en_US/100000L000357.html). There is an 830 m (more than 0.5 mile) tunnel for us to go through. It was very exciting for the kids to see the bullet holes, the shooting holes, and many other features in the tunnel. Watching the movie "Tunnel Warfare" really helped the kids to put everything they saw into perspective.
At one original site for a make-shift medical clinic for curing the wounded Communist army's soldiers, I read that the villagers would give up their lives and sometimes even their children's lives to keep the 30-40 wounded soldiers safe during a ferocious attack by the Japanese invaders. Since I have watched a TV program before listening to true stories that happened during that era, I explained to the students why the villagers would go that far to save the lives of wounded soldiers.  My point was to help the students not to judge the villagers' actions using today's moral standards but to understand why they would do so. I think these exposure would help them further understand the Chinese people in the future.
While we were appreciating the tunnel and enjoying the cool temperature underground, Gong Laoshi and Ms. Xu, a manager of the travel agency, walked for a mile to find a great lunch place for us. We had a delicious meal in an air-conditioned room around a courtyard. All the beans and tomatos are fresh and organic. The crushed-corn soup (bang4 cha2 zhou1) was delicious!
Gong Laoshi also brought fresh local peaches for us and they were quite delicious!
We arrived at the Nationality Park (or Chinese Ethic Culture Park) at around 2:15 p.m. We rushed to the site where Dai3 people were performing. At 3 p.m., four other ethnic groups also sent their people over. We watched dances from JingPo, Dai, Wa, Tibetan, and Tu3. We were invited to the stage to dance with the dancers!
Then we followed the Dai's tradition during its famous "Water-Pouring Festival" to start pouring water onto each other. Everyone was soaked. Supposedly the more water you were poured at, the more good luck you would have. It was really fun!
We then went to the famour "Jing1 Wei4 Lou2" (Beijing Flavor House) for dinner. Gong Laoshi did a great job order our food. We had pot-stickers, meat-pie, two kinds of noodles, and many more.
We got back to our hotel at around 7:45 p.m. All of the students from the advanced class started doing their homework for tomorrow after taking a quick shower. They really know what it means to  "work hard and play hard."
There were severe thunderstorms today all over the city. However, we somehow did not catch any rain at all as we were moving around in the city.
So much for today. Attached is the most current schedule.


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