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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-07-03

Dear Parents,

Today we practiced songs for our upcoming performance at Guang Ai School. We rehearsed two songs: 感恩的心 (Thankful Heart), which is almost like the theme song for the students at Guang Ai school because they sing it everyday, and 朋友 (Friend), which is like YiB\'s theme song. Thankful Heart is a song about not giving up on life, and treasuring life in times of hardship as well as happiness. Friend is a song about the value of friends, and how friends will remain friends forever, even as they depart. We also practiced Chinese sign language for the chorus in Thankful Heart. During this music session, we also saw the music videos for Beijing Welcomes You (The Olympic Theme), and TongHua (Fairytale). TongHua has a very moving music video and many of the girls were moved to tears, and even Tristan, which he is not ashamed to say.

Then we had Leadership Lesson Three. We started with our weekly self-assessment of the 10 attributes of the IB Learner\'s Profile (IB learners strive to be: inquirers; knowledgeable; thinkers; communicators; principled; open-minded; caring; risk-takers; balanced; reflective). Several kids reported as having made progress in \"risk-taking\" by trying different food at meal time. The themes we talked about were

1) one\'s Circle of Influence vs Circle of Concerns from Steven Covey\'s \"The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Habit 1\" (https://www.stephencovey.com/7habits/7habits-habit1.php). Inside the circle of influence, we can apply \"direct control\" (change your own behaviors) or \"indirect control\" (get others to change their behaviors). However for things that we have no control, instead of wasting the time and energy on them, we can change our attitude to acknowledge them and accept them graciously making the best of the situation (悦纳自己 - 庄子 more than 2000 years ago)

2) Howard Gardner\'s theory of multiple intelligences. Gardner has articulated eight basic types of intelligence to date, without claiming that this is a complete list









The commonly used term\"smart\" usually only applies to the \"logical-mathematical\" intelligence only and does not describe a person\'s overall intelligence.

3) Carol Dweck\'s \"Mindsets: The New Psychology of Success\" - Fix and Growth mindsets (http://mindsetonline.com/). How being told \"you are smart\" could hurt one\'s mindset causing less motivation in overcoming challenges. We learned how hard work is ultimately more helpful to a person than the blessings of natural abilities

4) The importance of setting goals in everything we do to affect our mind (\"determination\") and action (\"discipline\").

Then we played with Jian Zi, or a Chinese kind of Birdie that you kick and try to keep up in the air with, and Chinese Yo-Yos. A large group of students formed to kick around the Jian Zi.

After dinner, I saw a beautiful sight. Many students were on the fourth floor lounge studying together on their own initiatives. This is what Bonnie calls Positive Peer pressure and it has certainly come into fruition in the camp. This also happens frequently after reflections. 

Here are the reflection notes:

Bonnie - Reiterated the importance of being in bed by the curfew hour (9:30 p.m. for under 12 and 10:00 p.m. for 12 and above) and the consequence for breaking this rule (miss out on ice-cream once on field trips). Table manners have gotten a little out of control. Table manners delineated:

Don\'t poke around with chopsticks. Use the public spoons when available. Let teachers eat first. Be considerate when taking your portion into your own plate leaving enough for the others. Asked to be excused before one leaves from the table. Wo xian zou le, da jia man man yong. (Chinese example.) Or say something in English as good manners and practice.

Asked how everyone\'s courseload work was. Most students felt their load and challenges are appropriate, especially with proper time management. There were varied answers from the group, but Liao Laoshi encouraged everyone to challenge themselves even if they might not be able to master everything (Growth mindset).

Sophia – Felt really homesick today but felt better after Liao Laoshi talked to Amy and her. Got 18 out of 20 on a test and thanks Yang Laoshi for helping her.

Detorea – Did well on a quiz and thought HW was very easy. Is getting the hang of classes and Chinese Yo-yo.

Sonia – Felt sad at the Music Video Tonghua. It was hard to see Mickee leave.

Shannon – Thanks teachers spending their precious time to prepare things for the students.

MingMing - The hotel is really nice. Appreciates the chefs who wake up so early to make breakfast.

Tristan – Realizes that the 2-week Olympic event in 2008 changed an entire country in an upward spiral while watching Beijing Welcomes You Music Video.

Annie – Glad that Liao Laoshi let her go out with her family today.

Joanne – Thankful for the maid.

Darren – Felt like he was hogging the food at dinner and wants to put the table manners into practice that Liao Laoshi reminded us of.

Matthew – Needs to study more because he\'s starting to get bad grades. Thought the review and self-assessment of the 10 attributes at leadership session today was helpful. Used the Beijing Opera Masks we made earlier to prank people today with other boys.

Ben – Realizes that sometimes he has to sacrifice things to keep peace. He left his room to go to a quieter room when so many people were using it.

Ryan – Enjoyed the Chinese Birdie and thinks that it took a lot of coordination to take a large group of students to kick it around.

James – Wants to try out the new table manners. Wants to do really well on the test tomorrow because the teachers spend so much time making the tests.

Chauncey – For the past few weeks, has been getting grumpier and crankier because of all the changes in his life. Is sorry about how he has been lately because that\'s not how he usually is.

Dave – Realizes he needs to study more to get better at Chinese. Practiced his regular martial arts today and hurt himself a lot.

Brandon - Woke up a little late to go to class but made it on time.

Lisa – Likes A.5. It pushes her and helps her learn more Chinese.

Amy – LinLin helped her go to the post-office. She really appreciates it.

Tia – Found tonghua music video very sad. Specifically asked me to write Hi to her parents here.

LinLin – Learned a lot at leadership session.

Jessica – Didn\'t try her best in class today, but had fun with the traditional Chinese toys.

Robert and Bonnie

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