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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-07-05

Dear Parents,

We have uploaded the photos from the Forbidden City field trip day. You may look at them at www.yinghuasummer.org left selection \"Photo Album\" - YiB 2011. More will come.


From Robert -

There is a big correction that I have to make and I truly apologize to Tristan Seymour for this mistake. Actually, during the Tonghua Music video Tristan *only* teared up a little. Thanks to Tristan for pointing this out to me.

In the morning we had our morning run for the first time in 3 days. Some students wanted to run around the lake for two laps, which was close to 2 miles. Today I witnessed Shannon pushing Detorea to run the entire lap around the park ... twice. Detorea being tall and slim started YiB not wanting to run hard at all. Last week, she and Annie accidentally ran around the lake twice. Today she almost ran the two circles nonstop!

Today we had class, and then we went to learn how to make soft clay figures/trinkets. After we shaped all the different colors of clay into our final creations, we baked them to set their shapes. I helped to translate for the first time for the Shi Fu today. Usually Shannon does it. I did an okay job. Everyone had a lot of fun making a traditional Chinese dress key chain and a bunny out of clay. Everyone used their creativity and imagination to personalize their bunnies. For example Ryan made a Vampire Bunny and Jessica made a Pikachu.

Then, we did online research about the places we were going to go tomorrow. The Temple of Heaven, Pearls Factory, Jingshan Park and Beihai Park. Bonnie asked the students, separated into five groups, to design a sight-seeing path from teh East Gate to South Gate in two hours - what are the major points of interest, how long we should stay at each point, and what to look for at these major points.

We played with our Jian Zi\'s and Chinese yo-yos again today and practiced our Martial Arts form for our upcoming performances. Then, the Indonesian students at the hotel who are also learning Chinese invited us to play basketball with them. A lot of YiB kids went to the school near the hotel with them and played two very intense games with them. Because of the Indonesian Students\' initiative, everyone quickly made friends between both camps due to the basketball games.


Robert - Today I took Shannon\'s advice and tried to help at today\'s activity. It felt pretty good and I think I did an acceptable job. Thanks to Shannon again because I would have never been doing that stuff if not for her. I think the basketball game with the Indonesian kids quickly turned everyone into friends with just one game and I think that\'s really interesting. Now we can interact nicely with them on the third floor when we see them and it makes the environment more friendly. I also thought Chauncey was really calm and mature today about his arm getting bit by a bug because I would assume he would freak out but he didn\'t. He was really good about it. Today I ran 2 laps and got better at Chinese yo yo with a growth mindset.

Tristan – Played basketball with the Indonesian kids. Felt they weren\'t nice at first because they woke him up with a lot of noise last night. Realized that they were really gracious and nice after playing with them.

Lisa – Feels that time is gong really fast does not want it to end.

Annie – Shannon helped her and her roommates study and is very thankful for Shannon\'s help because she had to sacrifice a lot to do that.

James – Met new Indonesian friends and played lots of basketball. Interesting to find out their hobbies and names. They have interesting/weird names like Henric.

Detorea – After lunch we made bunnies and shirts out of clay. Thought it was really fun. Shannon helped her and other girls with homework and thanks Shannon.

Ryan – Thought that the Indonesian kids took the extra step to be friendly by inviting them to play basketball.

Tia – Knows that everyone needs to practice hard with their performances for the upcoming visit to Guang Ai School.

MingMing – Noticed that Shannon was helping Detorea run and motivating her to do her best. Is proud to know Shannon as a friend.

Brandon – Left water bottle at breakfast again and Darren helped him get it.

Dave – We lost badly to the Indonesian kids but we got to learn more about them after the game.

LinLin – Would like to say Shannon is a very good influence on people because of all the good work she did today.

Chauncey – We all underestimate Zong Laoshi because we take her for granted a lot. Today she took him to the hospital to get him checked out and everything. He appreciates it.

JoAnne – While we were making the bunnies, the teacher came over to fix her bunny. She noticed the bunny was very flat before it got fixed.

Sophia – Is excited for tomorrow to see the Temple of Heaven and a lot of other things. The one thing that lightened up her day was when Shannon helped her and her friends study. Was still a little homesick but feels better and will not let that spoil her day. Wants to thank Zong Laoshi for picking up her water bottle which she left at the breakfast table.

Darren – Today was one of the most exciting days at YiB so far. He had an allergic reaction to his face and immediately took a pill and everything was back to normal.

Ben – Today we finally met the other kids who shared the third floor with them and believed that they were really obnoxious but made friends with them during basketball and realizes first impressions are no that important.

Amy – Today she got to play soccer at the school where we played basketball and it was very exciting for her.

Melissa – Yesterday she went out with her Mom and learned a lot. Saw how lucky she was to be young and healthy and to simply walk. Surprised at how willing people were to help her grandparents walk into the restaurant.

Jessica – Proud of running two laps and leading Ti Chao. Also sad not to meet the Indonesian kids.

Matt – Running 2 miles in the morning and playing basketball was amazing and sad to find out that Indonesia does not have a national basketball team.

Shannon – Really wants to thank the girls of 1406. They are the youngest of their camp but they put in great effort to learn and in everything they do. She hopes that more people can adopt this kind of mindset.

Sonia – Indonesian people are good at basketball. When she missed, they cheered her on and encouraged it. She learned that she should not keep so many secrets.

Bonnie – Today finally I got a chance to visit my aunt with Shannon. My aunt is dying, looking at her so fragile and light was a moment for me to think a lot. She still remembered when I was just born and my mom, her sister, brought me to her from the hospital. That was so many years ago and now she\'s laying there, cannot move. I also remember when I went to college she knew the cafeteria food was not that great so she would invite me to her house to have an occasional good meal and that was thirty years ago and now I am almost about her age then. On the one hand it\'s the sadness for my relative but it also gives me inspiration to make this life more meaningful. We will all have that day to leave this world and I want to look back at my life at the time realizing I have made a difference.


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