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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2012-07-05

Dear Parents,


Today there's no rain so we did a mile-run around the lake in the ChaoYang Park. Justin (14) was the first to finish again. Alice (10) was the #2 finisher!

After lunch, the students did some online research on four questions related to tomorrow's field trip to the Great Wall.

Afterwards, the students followed Bonnie to a vendor just outside of the hotel and tasted the traditional yogurt in a crock. Some kids got the second one. Then we wentrnto the Olympic Water Cube to swim in the warm-up pool that Olympians practiced in inrn2008. Though they were disappointed that they were not going to the water parkrnportion of the cube, several students reflected their amazement about swimmingrnin the place where great athletes, including Michael Phelps, had before, andrnappreciating what they have and the great program that Bonnie has put together.rnOn the bus, the students practiced their singing, particularly the one on "Thankful Heart" and the other one "Friends."

16 of the 24 kids went to swim and 14 past the 200-m deep-water swimming test. Evita, Kevin, Dennis, and one more boy (forget the name) had their photo taken and got their certificate for swimming in deep water as a souvenir. The following students passed test itself (and could remind in the "deep-water" zone to hang out):

Pringo, Dennis, Evita, Kevin, Karma, Alice, Julia, Natalie, Rachel, Emily, Rebecca, Leo, Justin, Jamie, and Remy

Bonnie said that each person who had passed this swim test may each one "POINT". If they can finish the morning mile run, they can also earn one "POINT". Every one must have one point at the end of this program.




In the evening, at the end of the reflection, we drunk a traditional Chinese medicine forrnpreventing heat stroke and other symptoms related to the humid and hot weather. It is called Huo4 Xiang1 Zheng4 Qi4. Bonnie explained the differencesrnbetween this type of medicine and Tylenol, since both, for instance, treat arnheadache, but  Huo4 Xiang1 Zheng4 Qi4 isrnpreventative while you take Tylenol after you develop symptoms. It made sensernto have this bonding activity tonight, since usually the students may start developing some of the symptoms but few people would be willing to try this medicine. Bonnie asked everyone hold the small vial high and we drank it down together!

Today almost every student offered to share their reflection so we did not really did the "mandatory" round.

rnrnRachel & Bonnie


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