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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Luo,Lifeng on 2008-07-08

Dear Parents,


We canceled today's morning exercise so that everyone could sleep in. Most of the students in the advanced class spent that time reviewing for the class since they did not get to study Chinese the whole day yesterday.


Today was the first day Andre and Arnold got moved up to the Advanced Class. Even though they'll face more challenges, it's probably better for them than keeping them in the other class. Wang Laoshi read and commented in great details in front of the class the essays written by Andrew and Lionel, respectively, about the field trip to Jiaozhuanghu and the Ethnic Culture Park. Andrew's essay was very lively. Lionel's essay was very concise and logical. She also gave individual comments one-to-one to the other students before lunch.


Now every morning, Wang Laoshi eats breakfast earlier than us and collect her students' daily essay for reviewing during our breakfast. Her feedback is always prompt and helpful. The students are expected to correct the essays as part of the homework.


At 1:20 p.m., all students turned in their "Field Trip" notebooks and their "Feedback" books so that I could assess their level of effort in taking field trip notes. I haven't finished everyone's notes. So far, Andrew's note is the most comprehensive. He took notes as he was visiting different places – more than what he got from the computer research.


Wang Laoshi taught the kids how to paint a Peking Opera mask. Kids still remembered the Peking Opera from last night. They were quite enthusiastic!


Then I gave the first seminar in the series on Leadership Training. The kids told the class their understanding of a leader (tell others what to do, motivational, trustworthy …) and who are leaders (parents, Michael Jordon, Bush, …). Then we talked about how to be a leader of yourself first, which is to build characters. We talked about the relationship between goal-setting, motivation/determination, and discipline/action. We used examples that they were familiar with. They were asked to observe what people do when they wanted to change something around them – getting ready for the next seminar.



After dinner, the kids who do not have much homework gathered in Gong Laoshi's room to play cards or games.  The "curfew" starts at 9:30 p.m. now.


So much for now.




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