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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-07-05

Dear Parents,

Today we had extra class time today and because of this, many of the students had their endurance and attention-spans pushed to the limits, however, we had a rejuvenating meal of homemade noodles with cucumbers at the hotel.

Afterwords, we had another leadership session where we had an open-ended discussion about an article called “What America can Learn from China” and how we could apply the main points from that article in our camp life and beyond. The five things were: Be ambitious, respect the elderly, education matters, save money, and look over the horizon.

Students formed five 4-5 person groups with people from different rooms. Each member picked one main point and talked about how he/she could apply it in our camp life. Needless to say, most of these main points could be associated with studying hard and setting higher goals in learning Chinese. The article is attached.

Then the boys again played basketball with the Indonesian students until dinner.

Here are the reflection notes.

Annie – Today in class I got 100% on my morning test. Today we had noodles for lunch which reminded me of home. I appreciate Shannon for letting me study in her room.

Lisa – The Art School students were amazing in their performances and I thought they were really nice even though our performances were bad.

JoAnne – Thanks Zong Laoshi for helping us cross the road by going out of her way. Hopes Mickee feels better even though she\'s not here and hopes Sophia feels better, too.

Detorea – 18/20 in test and thanks Shannon for helping their room study. Hope Sophia feels better.

Ben – During the talent show, he thanks the kids for clapping equally sincere for everyone no matter the performance.

James – Saw people letting elders eat first and thought it was gracious for everyone to receive free pearls. Counted 107 shirtless people. Thanks Robert for forcing him to mingle with the Earthquake survivors.

Tia – First thought the Art Students were weird at first but then admired them for making them the best out of their situation.

Brandon – Enjoyed today\'s homemade lunch of noodles. Enjoyed the meat rolls at dinner.

Chauncey – Today the Indonesians played ball with us but I didn\'t get to play much. Hopes that we will include him more and hopes that he will include others in activities, too.

Tristan – Many people from the art school asked him for autographs and yesterday was his favorite day.

MingMing – Admires all the kids from the Art School and admires them a lot because they lost their friends and family, but they make the most out of their lives.

Dave – The art school students were very gracious to us even though some of our performances were really bad. Thanks Zong Laoshi for helping him move the bed in Robert\'s room so he could sleep there.

Jessica – Singing the national anthem at both parks was really exciting. Met Wei Chuan, an art student, and admires her for dealing so well with her past, who she talked with a lot yesterday. Belives China and America should be willing to learn from each other.

LinLin – The rowing yesterday required a lot of cooperation and team work. It was a good way to test our communication skills with each other.

Darren – Today Ben and Ryan were fixing the toilet because it wouldn\'t flush. Ryan sacrificed himself and put his hand in the dirty toilet water but they came to our room to look at our toilet and see how to fix it.

Sophia – Yesterday was a fun and exhausting day. We did so many terrific and enjoyable activities. Temple of heaven was interesting even though the weather made you tired. The main thing which cheered me up was seeing the laughing smiles of the children we met at the Art School. Their performances were great and I also think we did a great job as well. Today so far was good. I felt homesick again but felt better when Tang Laoshi helped calm me down. Thanks MingMing and Shannon for tissues. Got 19/20 in class test, and promising myself to get perfect score tomorrow.

Annie – The students from the school were very nice and talented and thought their performances would be hard to top. Their sincere applause made her feel a lot better.

Shannon – I\'ve not spent more than 1 year in a school until this past year. This marks the first summer in China where I miss people back at school. I understand now how other people feel when they go away from their families.

Melissa – Art school was the best place we visited yesterday. They were so talented and welcoming and felt really touched when we sang Thankful Heart with them. Felt very inspired by them and considers doing good work like the art school did in the future.

Tristan – Today we played a lot of basketball with the Indonesians again. Inspired because they never subbed out at all. Tristan wants to improve YiB\'s chemistry and skills to beat them eventually.

Sonia – Had a lot of fun yesterday rowing the boats and was amazed at the art school that although many of the kids did not have families they had smiles on their faces and were extremely friendly.

Ryan – Yesterday was a really long day and it took a lot of teamwork to get across the lake. Thought that the orphans had great strength and is not sure he could do that.

Matthew – Amazed at the quality of the performances of the kids at the art school. We did not lose that badly to the Indonesian students as yesterday.

Amy – The orphans told her that she had to keep herself busy to not feel homesick. Really admires they can let go of their past and live their lives happily.


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