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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Luo,Lifeng on 2008-07-08

Dear Parents,


Today is another exciting day!


The morning exercise started with performing the complete set of guang bo ti cao twice. Then the teacher showed us how to play "Hitting Ducks" (similar to doge ball, but we formed a circle to throw a stuffed doggy at the kids inside) and Chinese Yo-you (kong1 zhu2). About half of the kids have learned it before so they were showing off some tricks while the rest made definitive progress.


The morning classes were quite smooth for most students. After lunch, the same teacher teaching the morning exercises, Mr. Guo, taught the Calligraphy class. Originally I was afraid students might not be used to Mr. Guo's high expectation and had asked him not to make it too "boring" by emphasizing the basics. However, when I saw the kids again, they were all liked his class very much. He really has a way to deal with our students. I think that the key is to express your expectation and help students to reach that expectation. This process could be "boring," but as long as students could see the result, they would be willing to go along. I am so glad Mr. Guo did not listen to me!!


Then we gathered to review the song we learned the other day "True Hero" by watching a Karaoke style video (http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTc3MDYzNg==.html). Many students only knew Jacky Chan is a kong-fu movie star but did not know he's also a singer star!


We learned a new song "Friends" by watching another video (http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTczNzI2MA==.html). The kids got it after watching/singing for only three times.


Since it's drizzling outside, I introduced the game Wei2 Qi2 to the kids. Wei2 Qi2 is the oldest board game in the world that is still played in its original form. It was created by the Chinese more than 4000 years ago. It is the only board game that the best computer program cannot defeat a reasonably good human player. Wei-qi is considered by the ancient Chinese as one of the four accomplishments for a culture person (qin2 qi2 shu1 hua4). Lionel showed the kids some basics and they started playing 9x9 games on their own. It was informational and fun!


After dinner at 7 p.m., we had a special guest, Mr. Yao, to give an introduction on some ancient Chinese toys and games. Most of the toys he showed were puzzles. The kids (and I) got really into them. Before we realized it, it's already 9:15 p.m.!! The teacher was very impressed by Lionel, Samuel, Jay, and Shannon's abilities to solve these puzzles. Apparently this has been THE most loved class! I am considering bringing the teacher back next week!


I called Wang Laoshi and she reduced the homework assignment for the advanced class to just reviewing the new words and phrased for tomorrow's dictation. Otherwise, their homework also includes an essay.


So much for now.



Take care,



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