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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Lihongxie on 0000-00-00

The phone call with Rachel on Saturday morning (September 17) was not as satisfying as Friday¡¯s (an understatement).

We spent a frustrating 40 minutes or longer talking about the three forms she had to fill by Sunday evening. The first is a Student Information form. Among other things, Rachel tried to read such words as 民族 (ethnicity), 政治面貌 (political identification), 户口性质 (nature of registered permanent residence), 户口所在地 (place of registered permanent residence) to me and I tried to explain to her that I don¡¯t even understand what户口性质 refers to, and that she should simply leave these spaces blank or ask her homeroom teacher about it. Even for the things she understands and can read, such as her guardian¡¯s address, I had to describe the strokes of certain Chinese characters that she doesn¡¯t know how to write.
The second form is a Medical Information form, on which we spent even more time but ended up filling only two of the blanks out of many. Rachel managed to read 药物过敏 (allergy to medication), but hardly knew any of the words on the form and had to ask a Chinese girl to read them to me. The connection was bad, and my knowledge of medicine is very limited, so I had to ask the girl to repeat certain names again and again. Even if I got the name correct, I still don¡¯t know whether she is allergic to it or not. The medications on the list include such things as 青霉素类, 复方新诺敏, 先锋六号, 罗红霉素, 氟酞酸, just to name a few.
The third form is something about 预防针 (vaccine). It asks if the student wants to pay 70 yuan to get vaccinated, but it doesn¡¯t say what kind of vaccine. Or perhaps the name of the vaccine is on the form but Rachel didn¡¯t see it. But by this time both Rachel and I were utterly exhausted by this communication ordeal that neither of us expected to have to go through. At that point I simply told her that I will call her homeroom teacher about these two forms.
Limai can do better with her international students in this regard: they could have given these forms to parents or guardians before or during registration.
We did continue for a while and talked about her field trip to ba1 da4 ch4. I was a little surprised to learn that the students scattered in the park, with instructions to meet at the gate at noon. Rachel and two other kids climbed up to the top and walked down. She told me she had an argument with one of the girls who didn¡¯t want to tell the teacher that they were going to climb up (Rachel insisted on telling the teacher). Some students went up by taking the cable cars (Rachel said the ticket for that was too expensive for her¡ªshe probably didn¡¯t have enough money on her) and some didn¡¯t climb the mountains at all. There were others who came down by 滑道 (sliding path). I have not been to this park myself; perhaps it is a very safe place for kids to roam around by themselves. But safety is always a big concern for me, and I don¡¯t like the idea of setting kids Rachel¡¯s age loose in a big park that, according to Rachel, resembles the Fragrance Hills. From information on Limai¡¯s Web site, the middle school and high school students take these field trips together. I feel that the middle school students should have more supervision than they got, at lease based on what I am hearing from Rachel.

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