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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Bonnie on 0000-00-00

Hi there!

You have been at Limai for three week. Your parents and I are proud of you that you have settled down and adjusted to the new environment!

I talked to the directory of the lower middle school (chu1 zhong1 bu4) Mr. Wong for the first time yesterday.

This was a long-overdue conversation that now has given him and the teachers a clearer picture of the objectives and expectations of YingHua in Beijing program. Up until now, for various reasons, it has been mostly your parents trying to straighten things out for you.

The objectives are three folds:

1) Expand a student's horizons through cultural immersion;
2) Learn to take care of oneself and be more independent;
3) Grow academically and improve work ethics.

To that end, we expect the students:

1) Respecting the teachers;
2) Being treated as the locals with minimal exceptions*;
3) Pushing the limits academically.

I understand that you all are facing challenges in doing homework. Are you getting adequate help with homework? Not getting adequate help with homework is not the reason for not doing them. You can ask for more help. Don't be bashful!! Your teachers may not know you welcome help on a daily basis during the self-study period. Tell her about your frustrations if any. Do not GIVE UP!

I have just heard this one on the radio and cannot help quote it here for you, The United States have great athletes not because we put them to the field and ask them to do simple exercises. We put them to do hard work and to stretch their abilities so that they can do things they thought they would not be able to do! ... The same goes to education, a student needs to push and stretch her mental ability. That is how language and culture grow.

Guys, this is IT. It is your opportunity to be trained to be GREAT by pushing yourself through self-discipline and by stretching your academic abilities through self-motivation. No one can FORCE you to do this.

Your teachers have been treating you like their guests. Are you satisfied with that kind of treatment? You should ask for more help from your teacher so that you could STRETCH your ability academically.

The harder you work, the bigger the payback. You are the only person in control.

May I suggest that no English book in classroom during classes other than the English classes. During the English classes, you can do self-study or go on the Internet. However, using the Internet is not a right. This means it is conditional based on your overall performance and effort.

Today, it was also the first time I talked to Michael's mom. We share many thoughts and ideas.

I would like to invite you to write your experience online at www.yinghua.org - Student's Circle - YiB Journal Entry. You will be amazed by how much you have grown as a person months or years later.

Stay strong.


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