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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-07-06

Dear Parents,

Today Ryan came in first for the run at Chao Yang Park for the first time I believe. He showed a very good effort this morning.

At 11 a.m., a local Beijing Roast Duck (Kao ya) Master came in to teach us about the history of Beijing Roast Duck and let us make duck rolls for ourselves. The history of Beijing Roast Duck dates back to the Ming dynasty when the emperor at the time enjoyed hunting. Among the things he hunted was a semi-rare white-feathered duck. Thus began the tradition of Beijing kaoya. Since this time, the white-feathered duck has been bred in controlled environments to make kaoya. There are also two methods of preparing kaoya. One, hang the duck by a hook, cook it over a fire, and constantly turn it. Two, use a oven to cook the kaoya. Students got to prepare the rolls and try cutting the duck. We also had homemade wontons for lunch as well prepared by Zong Laoshi. Everybody also had one piece of the local \"xianr4-bing3\" (pan-baked pie with vegetable/egg or cabbage/pork filling).

At 1:30 p.m., we were visited by the Puzzle Master from last time. This time we played with tangrams. Tangrams are an assortment of differently shaped wooden blocks. One can make over 100 different combinations of shapes with these wooden blocks. There was a competition to copy the shape that teacher put on the board with the blocks.

We learned to solve an ancient Chinese puzzle that has nine rings looped onto two metal bars (九连环). The teacher had an extra large version at the front of the class and showed everyone how to solve the puzzle first. One has to get all the rings off. Then the students learned the pattern required to solve it and tried for themselves. This puzzle requires concentration and dedication and Bonnie encouraged everyone to finish it at least once.

After, we went to have a traditional Chinese yogurt that is sold almost everywhere in Beijing in crocks, which is different compared to the highly-processed yogurt we usually have. It is all natural yogurt and 15 students loved the taste so much that they had the second one. We then split off into groups: some students played basketball and others went swimming at Chao Yang Park, the park we go to when we have morning exercise.

Reflections (in the order of volunteering to share):

Dave: Surprised we had a prayer meeting yesterday and all the people who came. Finished all the left over kaoya today with Robert.

James: Thanks the teacher for giving 100 yuan to play basketball and saved a seat for teachers at dinner and tried not to eat all the good food.

Darren: Surprised at the number of non-Christians at the prayer meeting yesterday.

Chauncey: Hard time finishing today\'s puzzle and almost gave up but with Liao Laoshi\'s encouragement he did it. Believes he should take a more growth-mindset approach to things from now on.

Lisa: Thankful for the puzzle master helping everyone today when they were stuck because he didn\'t have to.

Ben: Last night he had a big leg cramp but still pushed to run the entire mile this morning. Tried running even though he was injured and it was fun. (Liao Laoshi warning: The mindset and spirit were good but should be very careful in deciding to exercise with injuries ...)

Brandon - 
Ryan: Learned about Peking duck and is surprised that people put so much effort into food because it just gets eaten anyway. Thought that playing basketball was fun today.

Tia: Today was really busy and enjoyed today\'s ring puzzle and the yogurt. Felt really proud when she finished the puzzle. Felt that Wang Laoshi was really kind to buy the yogurt for everyone.

Tristan: Today he had dinner with his grandma again even though she has just turned 80 and admires her for it. We played basketball again and hopefully we are prepared to play against the Indonesians.

JoAnne: She dropped the duck meat into the sauce on accident today. Also thinks that there should be more time for homework and studying and is excited to take the bitter Chinese medicine.

LinLin: Saw that the teachers were putting the rings back on for the ring puzzle during their clean-up and admires the teachers\' patience.

MingMIng: Today\'s ring puzzle showed her how patience is really a virtue in life, and that perseverance and determination are very important in life.

Annie - Today we had roast duck and enjoyed the lesson and took many notes and pictures. Enjoyed the 9 ring puzzle game and had fun swimming.

Jessica - The highlight of the day was the visit of the puzzle master. Her favorite was the 9 ring puzzle and was very frustrated at times but thanks Shannon and the teacher for helping her. Thanks people for giving her basketball tips and took her criticism really well.

Detorea - Enjoyed the roast duck and puzzles. Her favorite food at dinner were the chicken and the eggs.

Matt - Learning about and eating duck was fun. Most of the time he was on the losing team for basketball because the other team was usually really good.

Shannon - She felt really drained today and slept through the wake-up call. Her fatigue is unusual and she might have not been getting enough sleep. Is disappointed that she is so tired because it has caused her a lot of problems in class. Hopes to get more sleep.

Sophia - Today was a fun day. Happily ran with Jessica and felt good after the mile. Led morning exercise and felt good to do it. Got 18/20 but a little disappointed bus is still grateful for the grade. Chinese puzzles were really fun and received a prize for getting the arrow shape first.

Melissa - Got really nice bookmarks in class from Wang Laoshi and thought it was really nice for him to do. Remembered the first day of camp and realizes how soon she is approaching the final week. Realizes how much she has grown when flipping through the reflection since Day 1.

Sonia - Playing basketball today made her feel more at home since it was something her brothers do with her often. Thanks the teachers for paying to use the basketball court.

Robert - Today I hit three girls hard on their shoulders. These girls were Melissa, Sonia, and MingMing. I did this because they were trying to trap Dave, Darren, and Matt in the kitchen. I shouldn\'t have hit them and I will reason with them next time by saying \"guys you might break the door or something so stop.\" They got upset at me because I hit them and I felt bad. I hit them because I\'m used to hitting Darren and Brandon when I think they\'re doing something stupid and so I hit them out of reflex, but I forgot that since they\'re much older than Darren and Brandon, it is much better and more appropriate to reason with them. On a side note: I don\'t believe that one should discriminate against hitting girls or guys. I think if someone deserves to be hit for a disciplinary reason, it doesnt\' matter what gender they are, but the reason has to be justified. I believe I should be more response-able.

Liao Laoshi - The 9 ring puzzle today was a really good metaphor for life because it requires a lot of dedication and perseverance rather than cleverness. Also the willingness to ask for help when you\'re stuck, and sometimes in the puzzle, one feels like they\'re back at square one but if they keep going and do not quit, they will eventually succeed.


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