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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Luo,Lifeng on 2008-07-09

Dear Parents,
Most of today's schedule was unchanged for morning exercises and classes.
In the afternoon, we are fortunate to invite Mr. Yao back to give a second workshop on Chinese Classical Intelligence Toys. The students loved him!!! We spent most of the time on solving one of the most famous puzzle - "9 interlocking rings." In the end, almost all the kids solved the puzzle, which demands patience and basic logical thinking.
I learned a great deal from Mr. Yao and decided to add 4-5 sessions of his workshop to the YiB 2009 Summer Program as a significant part of the Leadership Training. There are SO many choices of toys to use for kids of all ages to help them expand their imagination and to think outside of box.
Today, as Mr. Yao was leading the class to solve the puzzle step-by-step, Andre already followed the illustration and solved a 5-interlocking rings. Lionel also followed the illustration and solved a 9 interlocking rings before Mr. Yao finished.
These toys have no motor and use no battery. :-) However, their stimulation to the students' intellectual potential is enormous. I am so pleased with this new addition to the summer program! Ask your child about it!!
Today Yanjing has hired a new counselor, Mr. Ma. So Gong Laoshi should be able to have a bit more breathing time.
The following is some information on Nine interlocking rings (from Internet) for your reference.
Nine interlocking rings is the Chinese folk toy.Makes 9 rings by the tinsel, the ring coverall on the cross member or various types frame, and passes through handles.When plays, operates repeatedly according to certain procedure, legally causes in nine link completely thorough child copper circle, or after puts on the set to loosen completely.Getting the knack of must pass through nine link wraps which 81 about times can the military and political leader link to enter a column, again uses the time to be able to loosen completely nine links.Moreover, nine interlocking rings also is defers to one kind of order to solve.The solution nine interlocking rings needs quite period of time, this also may train human's patience.Nine interlocking rings popular extremely broad, various formats, specification not one.Nine interlocking rings the decomposition, gathers a procedure to be helpful in inspires people's wisdom, has the strong interest, receives the child and senior citizen's affection very much.

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