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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Rachel on 2011-03-20

Is this my journal, or something? Well, nevermind!
The last few days I've been having some frustrations. First, the Chinese Center (han4 yu3 zhong1 xin1). Fiom yesterday, we're supposed to be going... to review for the HSK test. I really want to do well on HSK, but, it you can understand, I don't exactly want to be in the same class with the same teacher and same misbehaving kids for over 3hours. As I had mentioned before, my old school was very poor, and the kids didn't behavewell. I thought I had escaped that when I came here. Also, the material we are covering I find pretty easy. We are do Chinese ting1 li4 and yu3 fa3. Those are the things that I am nest at.. I did many of the lessons before now. I'd rather be spending this time on either taking the regular classes or reviwing what I have trouble. I could either take the regular classes for now, and go there when they are covering what I may need help with, or just not go and keep studying myseldf during English. I also don't want to miss any Biology or MAth classes, or I may be behind when I get back to the US. Any suggestions, Bonnie?
On another, more pleasing topic, our grades for the qi1 zhong1 test in Boilogy and Geography came out. I am okay with Gography, but very pleased with Biology. I don't know weather I've said or not, but I did three sessions of bu3 ke4 with the Biology teacher. I guess that it paid off, because I got a 92, so much better that my previos 16. Still, both teachers graded me differently that the lther kids. The Biology teacher didn't take off points for my use of pinyyin, and the Geography teacher added about 20 points to my grade. He called them gu3 li4 fen1.
Well, for once I'm not stopped by the bell...


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