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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Bonnie on 2011-03-20

Dear Rachel,
Thank you for keeping all of us posted through your journal!! It is precious indeed.
I enjoyed the time spent with you and the other three YiB Honor students when I visited Limai last month. I agree that Wang laoshi is the ideal person for overseeing and representing the YiB Honor Program - taking care of you guys when needed.
I'd say that you discuss your frustrations with Wang laoshi or Sheng laoshi of the Chinese Learning Center directly. I agree that you would only need to work on improving your reading ability. Wang laoshi knows a book that would be just right for improving the reading ability. I talked to her while I was there about the book because she will use that book for the YiB Summer Program in 2006. Anyway, you need to find out from Wang laoshi how she would be able to help. She and I have discussed the needs of the YiB Summer students so she definitely understands your needs (and what you don't need).
Please keep us posted.

140 Records (140 pages) [start] << 1 Back - 121 122 123 124 125 - Next 1 >> [end]

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