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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Rachel on 2011-10-20

Today durning our already short computer class, Liami was doing tis stupid movie thing, and we had to stad on a bastetball court and shout for over a hour.It was olny the 7th grade, because of this movie, most of the poeple in our class including me didn't eat lunch yesterday. Now there is only five minutes left, so I may have even more miss spellings than usualk, I'm rushed.
Brandon's mom came last night, and I met her today at breakfast, she's invited all four of us to eat at th esmall resteraunt at lunch. I look forward to it.
Here is another thing that I've realized these lat few days. I never really gossiped in Amrica, and didn't really care, but I did know when some cloe freinds fought or when something not small happened . Here I don't know ANYTHING. The other day a girl moved to our dormitory, and I knew there was a reason, apparently, something happened between her and some other girls in the dorm. I think that not only not knowing what people gossiping is because of my language disadvatage, but also people don't wnat me to know, do they think I won't understand? Beacuse the same things have happened to me in the States. And when I get back from lunch and dinner, I hear the other girls whispering, and they stop when i get in the room. Now, I think that even if it's about me, I woulnd't mind hearing, if someone critizizes me for a reason, I idont' care. If it's about someone else, I wouldn't tell anyione. It is pretty frustrating. Have you noticed, I didn't care when I was in the US, but I care here? THat just shows you human nature!
Well, I just wrote that in four minutes. Once angain I am stopeds by the bell.

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