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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2012-07-08

Dear Parents,

We got up at 6:30 a.m. and exercised from 7 to 7:50 a.m. Then the breakfast. Then the class started at 8:45 a.m.

Every morning (unless it's raining), Zong Laoshi (68 years old) walks to the Chaoyang Park before us with a stack of the park's monthly pass for everyone. The kids jogged to the park (about 750-800 meters) with Duan Laoshi (also the Chinese teacher for Class A), Rachel, and me. Wang Laoshi usually walks to the park later to meet us.

Today we first practiced our "radio gymnastics" as a warm-up (http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjA4NjAxNg==.html). Then I asked all of those who would not be able to run/jog through the full mile-run to run/jog four smaller laps (about 800 meters) without any walking; if they had to walk, they would have to run one extra lap. All 13 students did it without any walking no matter how slow they ran or jogged. When they ran or jogged, there's a moment that both feet would be in the air at the same time, which makes it harder than walking. I hope they  would be able to double the laps without any walking, which would be equivalent to the mile-run.

The following 11 students chose the mile run (in the order of finishing):


Then we practiced the Kong Fu set under the lead of Leo and Tatum with Duan Laoshi.

After lunch, we invited an art teacher, Li Laoshi, to teach the kids how to do "dough-sculpturing". Once the students finished their products, a toaster was used to harden the products.

Last night, Wang Laoshi realized that she had forgot to bring the toaster from home. So she sent Zong Laoshi to take the subway to the station close to her home and sent her husband to deliver the toaster to Zong Laoshi at the subway station. She later found out that her connecting subway line had just changed to a new schedule and ended the run for the night 10 minutes earlier at 9 p.m. So she had to switch to buses and spent another hour to get back to Yong An Hotel at past 10 p.m. What a group of dedicated teachers! (I will tell them this story tomorrow.)

The students enjoyed the dough-sculpturing lesson!

Then the students practices the Kong Fu moves from 4 to 4:50. They then split into groups to prepare for tomorrow's field trip to Temple of Heaven by designing the path of our visit through the park with 7 manditory stops. They had to plan for the amount of time at each stop (total 2 hours) and what to do at each stop. They also searched for the background information on Beihai Park and Jingshan Park. Tomorrow will be a busy day!

Today Peter (a summer 2009 YiB vetran) arrived in Beijing and will stay in the "loud" room with Leo, Narendra, and Pringgo this week. A lot of kids got very excited to meet Peter for he is now the only "non-Chinese-American" among us but speaks fluent Chinese. He spent five months at the Beijing New Talent Academy in fall 2009. He's just finished the 8th grade and will spend the next 12 days preparing for the HSK Level 5 exam on July 22. I hope he's an inspiration to our students.

When I showed up 20 minutes late for the reflection due to an off-site meeting, the kids were playing a game with Zong Laoshi and Wang Laoshi, in which the "loser" would need to perform the Kong Fu moves while Leo was counting out the beats. (Leo took this responsibility very seriously!)

So I had to do 10 push-ups! They clapped for me when I finished ...


Tatum felt that she'd connected with her friends more today. Realized that she should not take money for granted when one of the kids ran out of his RMB and could not exchange his Thai money into RMB since most of the nearby banks would only accept major currencies. She also realized that it'd not be easy for Chinese citizens to travel abroad.

Dennis: decided "risk-taking" by accepting the role of "Monkey-King" in rehearsing the performance at Class B.

Narendra: finally began to understand spoken Chinese! Realized he should think before making promises as he had to break one with Tatum yesterday (about eating "bitter melon" at lunch). Since he agreed to be her "maid" for a day, he became appreciative of what his family's maid do for his family.

Pringgo (Narendra's cousin): Realized that he had been eating more veggies during this trip than before this trip, especially the "bitter melon." (I have been telling the kids the health benefits of bitter melon. A lot of the kids this year still hate it. Sigh.)

Kevin: Realized he ate more than his fair share of the "bing3" at dinner. Felt ashamed afterwards and wanted to limit how much he ate so that everyone at his table could have it. (They also had rice, but they all love "bing3.")

Sarah: effort will make or break a success. Will put more effort into doing things.

Karma: proud to have finished running the four smaller laps without walking this morning! burned a lot of fat.

Alice: at the dinner, the four youngest girls at her table agreed to finish the plate of "bitter melon" without the teachers' help as the teachers share the same table with them and have been helping them finish the bitter melon plate.

Ntatlie: learned the importance of "teamwork" even for finishing the "bitter melon" plate.

Serena: realized the "bitter melon" challenge at the dinner and was "scared" but glad she helped the group to finish the plate of "bitter melon".

Julia: found dough-sculpturing was easier for her than her attempt at the porcelain workshop. Thought that one should not give up trying new things when they were not good at doing something.

Justin: Glad he finished the mile run with ease. Realized his time-management has become better. He would spend 8 minutes in the bathroom in the morning at home. Now he has significantly shortened that time to leave time for his roommates to use the bathroom. Got along with Peter.

Evita and Frances: Enjoyed the sculpturing. Made Peter feel welcome.

Leo: The Yo-yo teacher was the sub for his Chinese class (Class C). Got to learn a few new tricks during recess in the morning. Thought the teacher must have worked many hours to become so good.

Seehanah: boys seemed to behave better during Chinese class (Class C) since the sub teacher is the Yo-yo teacher!

Jamie: enjoyed the dough-sculpturing and wondered how long it took the teacher to do it so well.

Eileen: thought she would not make the four laps without walking this morning, but she did!

Alex: enjoyed the sculpturing. Glad for the endurance exercise.

Rebecca: Noticed that after all the kids put their "products" in the toaster and left the classroom, Zong Laoshi stayed behind to attend to the products. Should recognize all people behind the scene!

Emily: no matter what you do, it must take a lot of time to be good.

Remy: learned new yo-yo tricks from the teacher. wondered how much he had practices ... Liked Peter.

Ethan: got all 16 characters correct during the dictation because he worked very hard last night. (To improve the homework quality of Class A, I've asked all Class A students to finish their homework during the study hall under Duan Laoshi's supervision. It really works well.)

Karen: Made sculpture. even though her "bird" dried up during baking, it was still an enriching experience.



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