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"YingHua in Beijing" Summer Program Announcement

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by Liao,Bonnie on 2011-07-12

Dear Parents,

As classes are winding down, many students are gearing up for their final exams and the teachers are giving their final pushes in class. Today during class break, our Indonesian friends left us because their program ended so we said our goodbyes. Two of them asked me to get Jessica\'s and Sonia\'s e-mails for them. Jessica was initially reluctant but I told her she would never see them again anyway, so she wrote down her e-mail. I didn\'t tell Sonia why I was asking her for her e-mail so that was easier. I gave their e-mails to the boys, and it made me feel like Santa Claus. Although their e-mail communication might never even happen and will amount to nothing, in that moment, those hand written e-mails must have looked so precious in the boys\' eyes. They thanked me ecstatically. Credit to Sonia and Jessica for help making their day.

After lunch, we had a visit from a Traditional Chinese Medicine Master. He told us about the 6 major sub-sections of Chinese Medicine: Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture (针), Moxibustion (灸), Massage (按摩), Scrapping (刮痧), and Cupping (拔罐).

He showed us a lot of popular medicine that has traditional medicinal roots as well as rare traditional medicine. He showed us the diagrams of meridian lines and taught us a rhyme to help remember which acupressure points are associated with which parts of the body.

Then he started to perform acupuncture on himself and then me, because I have a cough. He made small punctures with a diabetes device around my hands. The modern device has made this traditional practice more convenient. Then he put about 20 needles in me all over my body in my head, feet, hands arms and back. He also did the same thing to Ryan.

Then he used Cupping on Joanne. He lights a small fire and puts it in a cup and attaches the cup to the back. The skin will then rise into the cup because of the fire depletes oxygen in the cup to change pressure. Then Dave had this done to him because he has a violent cough. He lay on the table with his back facing the Master and the Master used almost 10 cups on him.

Then he used Moxibustion on Tristan to help his right knee. He burned the end of a thick stick on fire made out of mulberry tree skin and other herbs and wrapped cloth around it. Then Tristan pressed the stick against his kneecaps and moved them when it got too hot. Sonia also had this done to her back.

Then he showed us Scrapping. He used a comb made out of ox horn, but you can use anything like a spoon. Sophia had this done on her elbow. First olive oil was applied and he scratched the acupuncture point. If blood comes up to the skin and the color is red or purple it indicates high internal heat. Sophia had no color change but when this was done on Wang Laoshi she had it. He packed up and everyone gave him a big thank you for all the information and the free treatment.

Today we watched a movie after the Chinese medicine master left. It\'s called \"Invisible Wings.\" This movie is about a girl who lost both of her arms by electrocution as a girl while she was getting her stuck kite. A real armless girl plays the role in this movie. It is about her life and overcoming many struggles from simple to complicated such as getting dressed and attending school. Eventually she wins the championship to compete in the national Paralympics for swimming.

Here are the reflection notes:

Dave – James and he ate a whole bitter melon. The kung-fu performace yesterday made him feel bad about his own kung-fu. Today he got treated by the traditional Chinese medicine and understands why his Dad sometimes had spots on his back.

Tristan – Him Ryan and Chauncey talked to an elder yesterday who had just moved in who was 90 years old. Took a few illegal pictures at the temples that we visited and enjoyed the kung fu show.

James – Had to find stories from the summer palace. Enjoyed watching Ryan get needles stuck in his head. James was sick today but still ran the one mile this morning. Was sad to see the Indonesians go today.

Lisa – Yesterday her favorite part of the day was visiting the Seniors and felt warmed when the seniors pushed the offerings away for the students to eat.

Tia – Thought the acupuncture was freaky and thought the movie was very inspiring. Would not have volunteered to get the acupuncture.

Brandon – Wonders why the acupuncture didn\'t hurt.

LinLin – Watching the movie today was very inspiring and touching. If we were all determined and as strong as her everyone would be very successful.

Chauncey – Yesterday we were at the senior center and talking to them was fun. 94 year old was very lively for his age and today we watched invisible wings and now appreciates more things in his life such as his arms and legs.

MingMing – Realized that the martial artists yesterday had a lot of determination and passion.

Ryan – Felt risk-taking for getting acupuncture today.

Jessica – The kung-fu show was inspiring because there were more of them than there was of us and they tried really hard to put on a good show. The main character in today\'s movie worked very hard to overcome and had a growth mindset.

Shannon – There was a group of old women in the back knitting at Maizidian community center which brought her joy because this improves their own health.

Ben – Really surprised that the calligraphers gave away their beautiful art yesterday to random kids.

Detorea – Was scared at the acupuncture today when the man put a needle in his head. The invisible wings movie was very sad and she cried when the Mom died and at the end. Was very happy that Zhi Hua won the swimming tournament.

Joanne – Yesterday: Talked to an elder at the senior place who spoke Cantonese and there was a bike car accident that we witnessed on the road. Thinks there should be a law for people to wear helmets. Today the acupuncture master tested her with the Cupping and thought it was going to hurt but it didn\'t.

Matt – Talked to a 93 year old who spoke Cantonese at the senior center.

Annie – Yesterday:Thought it was really nice of the lady to move the seniors when the sun was shining on them. Appreciated that the elders stopped to make them paintings at the calligraphy room at Maizidian. Amazes her that in the movie, when the Mom died the girl still had the courage to do what she loved, says she would not have the same courage if it were her.

Tristan – Today Ryan beat him at the morning exercise run. Promised himself that he would be first at the morning exercises and let himself down. The Chinese medicine master helped to heal his knee today and it feels a lot better.

Sonia – Enjoyed making the elderly people smile yesterday. Today we got to say goodbye to our Indonesian friends and seeing other students get sick makes her feel bad and hopes they will get better.

Melissa – Thought the Chinese medicine was very interesting because it was totally foreign to her since she only knows about western medicine from her parents.

Sophia – Surprised to see people willingly take the acupuncture needles and thinks she wouldn\'t be that brave. The movie was nice and inspiring but thought it was sad. The thing that broke her heart was when her Mom passed away and the scene made her homesick. Wants to do really well in swimming once back to Hong Kong thanks to the example in the movie.

Darren – Today Dave let him borrow the 9 ring puzzle and let him finish it. The movie made him kind of sad.

Amy – Today when we watched the movie she realized how lucky she was for not having to relearn everything.

Robert – Watching the girl with no arms live her life and push to conquer her situation and sadness was a much needed perspective. The thing you can\'t see in a movie for a movie like that is the day to day struggle. The seemingly infinite moments that make up 24 hours. If I had no arms, every moment like that would be another reason to give up. Every second I would have to choose to be strong, to hope, believe, rather than just lose my life by stopping trying. I\'m so surprised people can conquer those kinds of situations which continue to push back against one\'s hope at almost every moment. Knowing that there are people like that that conquer such overwhelming negativity makes me really dislike myself for complaining about anything in life. It makes me think that sometimes it takes a tragedy for someone to take something seriously or appreciate something more. For blessed people, it is harder to appreciate things, but people who have lost things know the value of the things they still have. I am one of those blessed people who does not know the true value of many things I have.

Bonnie – Yesterday after the Kung-Fu show we were allowed to go to backstage to meet the young performers and some were the same age as Brandon and Darren. Hopes they will realize what a different kind of life they are living compared to those young performers.

Robert & Bonnie


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