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"YingHua in Beijing" Honors Program Journal

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by Nanjun on 0000-00-00

Dear Bonnie,
I was very emotional reading the Chinese compositions for their mid-term tests. In my heart, these kids are my heroes. At age of 12 or 13, they leave their country to study abroad without their parents. They have to overcome challenges they could never imagine in language and culture barriers and to overcome homesickness and loneliness.
When I went to Beijing to see Karen in October, I could see and feel these challenges for her. During the car ride to Beijing airport, Karen still asked me questions about her math homework, when I said good bye to her at the airport, Karen cried and I cried too. I was very worried about her next four months.
Karen got 10 out of 100 points on her first Chinese test. Now, she got 81 out of 100 in her mid-term Chinese test. She is my hero and I should learn from my daughter.
Bonnie, Thanks again for spending time with Karen and encouraging her to take one of her life-time challenges!

140 Records (140 pages) [start] << 1 Back - 106 107 108 109 110 - Next 1 >> [end]

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